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33 Things From Etsy Our Readers Loved In 2020

A Zoom University tee, floral nail "tattoos," a fruity cereal-scented candle, and 30 other Etsy products our readers loved in 2020.

1. A candle that'll bring you back to your childhood Saturday mornings spent watching your favorite cartoons and eating a big bowl of sugary rainbow cereal.

the candle in a bowl of fruity pebbles

2. A birthstone bracelet for those who know there's no such thing as owning too much birthstone jewelry. I'm a proud July Ruby and I should show it 24/7!

person wearing bracelet with three stones on it

3. A custom cityscape ring so you can rock your favorite city — whether its your own or a place you once traveled to — in the form of a wonderful accessory.

person wearing three cityscape rings

4. A set of affirmation cards that'll make for a simple, but nice way to lift your spirits. I think we can all use some affirmation cards after a year like 2020.

person holding card that reads "today is a sacred gift from life"

5. A cloud bath bomb that turns into a stunning rainbow when dropped in water. It's basically magic.

6. A comprehensive curtain call of Broadway costumes poster for a super unique and fun way to decorate your wall.

various illustrated costumes from a wide array of broadway shows

7. A personalized constellation map that'll help to commemorate what the night sky looked like on a specific date. It could be for an anniversary, a birth date, or any other special occasion you'd like to honor.

constellation map with text underneath that reads "under the stars, with a date, and a location"

8. A beginner floral embroidery kit for those who are looking to channel their creativity and learn a cool new skill set.

various embroidered flowers including a rose, cole flowers, calendula, forget me not, and more

9. A car dip clip that'll allow you to safely dip your nugs and fries in your favorite sauces as you drive.

the double dipper clip holding ketchup and bbq sauce

10. A car diffuser to help give your vehicle a sweet scent. Am I the only one who is unreasonably excited at the thought about getting into my car and being greeted with the scent of fresh linens?

person holding the diffuser which hangs off the mirror like an air freshener

11. A pillow that can be customized with a picture of your favorite pet friend, aka the cutest pillow to ever exist.

assorted pet pillows

12. A personalized leather camera strap for an item that is as functional as it is cool. The only flex better than pulling out a fancy schmancy camera to take pictures is that camera having a strap like this with your name on it.

13. A sheet of hydrate stickers that'll make it easy and fun to keep track of your daily water intake. Plus, look at that adorable face. How can you possibly resist eight glasses of water a day when you see that?!

the sticker on a planner with check marks

14. A plant animal decoration to turn your indoor gardens and succulents into a fun little jungle.

a fox, squirrel, and owl animal decoration on a plant

15. Triangle huggie earrings for a gorgeous, but minimalist pair of ear candy everyone will be so jealous of.

person wearing the earrings in gold

16. Floral nail tattoos (stickers) that'll make your nails look as if they were just painted by a professional nail artist.

person with the floral nail tattoos on their nails

17. A hilarious pullover referencing the Grinch that some of us may even relate to in a year like this one. I'm a grinch, you're a grinch, we're all grinches in 2020.

18. A floral frame library stamp so you can add a cute, personalized touch to the books you own.

the stamp that reads "from the library of claire paige"

19. A gorgeous book that re-imagines the beloved Pokémon creatures in scientific terms and provides detailed descriptions of their behaviors, biology, and abilities.

20. A Zoom University tee for anyone who's getting through virtual schooling like a pro.

The shirt in blue that reads "Zoom University est 2020"

21. A picnic table squirrel feeder so the little friends that hang out in your yard now have a nice spot to sit and actually enjoy their food. I mean really, can you think of anything better than looking out your window and seeing the below image? I can't.

A squirrel sitting at the feeder table

22. A custom pet cookie cutter for all those times you've said things to your pet like "you're just SO delicious, I can eat you right up." Well, now you can take a cookie cutter of their precious face, bake up a batch, and do just that.

various pet cookies

23. A Black History tote bag featuring various buttons of important figures and slogans from the Civil Rights Movement.

24. A candle to send to someone whose face you're missing in quarantine. Plus, there's a wide selection of delicious scents to choose from, so you may be tempted to buy one for yourself too!

the candle with a label that reads "I miss your face"

25. A personalized handwriting bracelet so you can turn a special phrase or a name written by someone close to you into a piece of jewelry you can cherish forever.

person wearing personalized handwritten bracelet

26. An adorable pin commemorating one of the most iconic moments from The Office — poor Kevin spilling his pot of chili.

the kevin spilling chili enamel pin

27. A leather cable organizer that's chic and pretty, but best of all? Very useful. Say goodbye to a messy tangle of wires and hello to organization.

28. A rustic ceramic soap dish that'll look good just about anywhere in your home where you keep a soap dish.

29. A colorful stuffed opossum to become your new favorite little buddy. Just look at this cutie! This angel just wants to spend all the time hanging out with you.

30. A mountain ring that I'm almost positive was the inspiration behind the most iconic song of our time — "The Climb," by Miley Cyrus.

person wearing the ring

31. A set of reusable cotton mesh produce bags for a greener way to shop for produce. Say goodbye to wasteful plastic bags!

32. A wooden children's "knife" so your kiddos can get the hang of chopping their food...safely.

kids using the wooden knives to chop apples

33. A car ornament anyone who is a fan of Spirited Away — or just cute things in general — will adore.

the ornament hanging from the mirror like a freshener would

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