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    BuzzFeed Shopping Can Now Literally Send You Texts About Deals And Products

    The only kind of texts I wouldn't leave on read, tbqh.

    I love my phone. I love products. If you share in my appreciation for the simple pleasures that life has to offer, I've got *good* news for you: BuzzFeed Shopping can now text you weekly update on sales, promo codes, and super sweet product recommendations.

    You'll get a curated list of products from BuzzFeed staffers who are — and I am not kidding — professionals in the fine art that is buying stuff online. (I may not have graduated Magna Cum Laude, but you can bet your buns that my resume lists "shopping expert" as a skill.)


    My degree in Communications & Media Studies just really pulling through here!!!!!!!!!!

    The texts are free, you can stop 'em at any time, *and* you can even text back for specific recommendations and/or questions. Don't know what to get your mom for the holidays now that you can't take her out to a Broadway show? Same; we're here to help.

    screenshot of text message from BuzzFeed

    Tl;dr: We have shown you the joy that is a TubShroom. The screaming goat figurine perched on your WFH desk represents the fruits of our labor. If you're sick of scrolling through our dozens of posts (weird flex), then these weekly text messages may just be your new favorite thing.

    Sign up below if you'd like to receive weekly ~shopping~ updates just in time for gifting season. XOXO, the person responsible for the dozens of things currently sitting in your Amazon cart.