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17 Famous Actors Who Could've Replaced James Corden In "The Prom" And Then The World Would Be A Better Place

Harvey Fierstein, Tituss Burgess, Dan Levy!?

Ryan Murphy's The Prom just landed on Netflix, and for those of you who tuned in to watch it at the weekend and enjoyed it, I say – good for you!

Personally, I turned it off after 15 minutes solely down to this man.

You can read more about the backlash against James's portrayal here, I'm just here to offer alternatives on who else could've played the role and not made me want to tear my eyes out. Here are some (infinitely better) suggestions:

1. Nathan Lane

2. Harvey Fierstein

3. Tituss Burgess

4. Stanley Tucci

5. Neil Patrick Harris

6. Billy Porter

7. Luke Evans

8. Alan Cumming

9. Billy Eichner

10. James Monroe Iglehart

11. Jesse Tyler Ferguson

12. Dan Levy

13. Chaz Bono

14. Ben Whishaw

15. Zachary Quinto

16. Brooks Ashmanskas

17. Andrew Rannells

18. Bonus: ANY number of the brilliant alumni from RuPaul's Drag Race!