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    17 Cheat Sheets That Will Actually Help You Sleep Better

    Sleep > everything, basically

    1. For all those times you need to turn your brain off before bed:

    2. When it might actually be your caffeine intake that's wrecking your sleep:

    3. When insomnia is a life-ruiner and you need some strategies for preventing it:

    4. For when that sore neck or tweaked back needs some extra TLC:

    5. When the problem isn't sleeping so much as it is waking up in the morning:

    6. When you need an exact step-by-step routine to try out:

    7. Or when you're willing to try changing just one thing about your pre-bed routine for a week:

    8. When you want to know what's happening to your brain and body during a night of sleep:

    9. When you need a few gentle yoga moves to help you feel loose and relaxed:

    10. When you need to be reminded why and how getting enough sleep is really good for your health and fitness:

    11. When you want to help someone or, ahem, yourself, stop snoring.

    12. And when you need a quick checklist to try to determine whether the snoring is sleep apnea, which is a bigger deal:

    13. When you need an all-in-one guide for diagnosing and fixing various sleep problems:

    14. For understanding how your menstrual cycle might affect your sleep:

    15. When you know your bedroom could be a little more optimized for sleep:

    16. And for when you're ready to change literally anything necessary to make your bedroom into a cozy sleep palace:

    17. For when you want to mimic the habits of highly successful people/sleepers: