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17 Simple Things That Will Transform You Into A Morning Person

Wake up on the right side of the bed.

1. Exercise before work to give yourself more energy throughout the day.

2. Get an easy to use coffee maker to get your caffeine stat.

3. Or if coffee isn't your thing, a good tea kettle.

4. An alarm clock that gently wakes you up instead of blasting loud sound.

5. Maybe even an alarm clock that simulates natural light.

6. Get a chair for your shower so you don't have to stand.

7. And try a soap packed with caffeine to help you feel more awake.

8. Listen to your favorite song, playlist, or podcast with a shower speaker.

9. Meal-prep an easy breakfast so you can grab and go.

10. Or even a smoothie.

11. Overnight oats are definitely something sweet to make your morning better.

12. Treat yourself to a new toothbrush to instantly get rid of morning breath.

13. Keep a calendar or daily organizer.

14. Some essential oils to jump start your day or help you go to sleep.

15. Pick out your outfit the night before.

Use a garment rack to display your clothes so you can quickly get dressed and get out the door.

Budget: $34.99

Luxury: $98

16. An app to track your sleep and build better habits.

17. And an eye mask.

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