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Here's How To Take The Best Nap Of Your Life

Coffee and sleep: together at last.

Coffee, obviously, is an elixir brewed in the kitchen of heaven. And sleep is a gift bestowed on us by the creator himself.


Once you know how caffeine and sleep work individually, coffee naps actually make a lot of sense.

So, the idea behind the coffee nap is that it combines coffee's adenosine blocking with sleep's adenosine clearing.

If you're convinced, intrigued, or just desperate, here's how to execute a proper coffee nap.

1. Plan your coffee nap for early afternoon.

2. Get the caffeine dose right.

3. Consider drinking espresso instead of brewed coffee.

4. Nap for no more than 20 minutes.

5. Even if a full-on nap isn't feasible, all hope is not lost.