18 Important Things To Know About Being Sleep Deprived

    Including how to get the sweet, sweet ZZZs you need.

    1. There are a few different ways to get lousy sleep.

    2. When you're chronically sleep deprived, your brain doesn't work too well.

    3. You don't even know how sleepy and impaired you actually are.

    4. Bad sleep makes your appetite go up.

    5. You end up craving high-calorie foods.

    Research shows that sleep-deprived brains actually respond differently (read: more enthusiastically) to high-calorie foods most likely to cause weight gain.

    6. Your metabolism gets all messed up too.

    7. Chronic sleep deprivation could make you gain weight.

    8. Your general health suffers enormously.

    9. If you suffer from sleep apnea, you have a much higher risk of cardiovascular disease and even death.


    10. Seriously, put away the electronic screens for at least an hour (or more) before you go to bed.

    11. Ban cell phones and pets from the bedroom altogether.

    12. Don't leave the TV on when you go to bed.

    Morgenthaler says a surprising number of people do this, and it can cause them to have lower quality sleep during the night. If you can't sleep without some noise in the background, try a white noise machine or a fan, and train yourself out of the habit.

    13. Try to stick to a consistent sleep and eating schedule as much as is possible.

    14. Stop drinking caffeine after noon if you have trouble sleeping.

    15. Sleep in a dark, cool room.

    16. If you're a new parent, get whatever sleep you can...and remember that there's an end in sight.

    17. Sleep apnea is treatable — and if you have it, you should absolutely get treated for it.

    18. If you've tried everything to improve your sleep, but nothing seems to be working...you should see a sleep specialist.

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