19 Things Every New Runner Can Expect

    The good, the bad, and the mid-run diarrhea.

    1. Your first few runs will feel pretty tough.

    2. You might be tempted to mix in some walking, which you totally should do.

    3. Four words: sweat in new places.

    4. If you have boobs, you'll realize that your old AF, stretched-out sports bra isn't cutting it.

    5. And also that you really truly need proper running sneakers.

    6. Pretty soon it'll start feeling easier.

    7. That's when you'll feel tempted to go harder.

    8. You'll start getting really hungry. Like eat-anything-that-doesn't-eat-you-first hungry.

    9. You'll dress for running comfort and cease to give any fucks about how nerdy you look.

    10. You'll feel the urge to train for a race.

    11. Then the novelty will wear off. Running will become boring. So, so boring.

    12. You'll start noticing some patterns to your runs.

    13. You'll feel mega sore or very tired but want to run anyway.

    14. You will face the crucial decision of peeing your tights or traipsing into the bushes to let 'er rip.

    15. On a related note, you'll get diarrhea on a run.

    16. You'll get interested in tracking pace, distance, and other data about your workouts.

    17. Your social life will become...less of a priority.

    18. You will cry hot tears of rage when your phone or GPS watch dies or loses reception during a run.

    19. You'll talk about running. To basically anyone.