16 Incredibly Interesting Podcasts To Get Lost In While You Work Out

    Because sometimes you want stories, conversation, and infotainment.

    Fact: Most of us need something in our earbuds to get us through a workout.

    So, we rounded up 16 podcasts that are actually great for workouts.

    They're lively, have a decent pace, and are legit interesting.

    1. The Friend Zone

    2. Limetown

    3. You Must Remember This

    4. The Read

    5. Put Your Hands Together

    6. Girl on Guy

    7. Snap Judgment

    8. 99% Invisible

    9. WTF With Marc Maron

    10. Awesome Etiquette

    11. How Did This Get Made?

    12. On the Media

    13. Out There

    14. Ask a Clean Person

    15. Sampler

    16. Another Round

    Happy exercising!