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21 Great Gifts For Anyone Who Loves Running

Stuff that will make runners (even more) obsessed with running.

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3. A pair of massaging flip flops to revive tired feet.


4. A clip-on pod that syncs to your phone and measures pace, distance, and more.

It's an affordable alternative to more expensive gadgets and GPS watches. Get it from Amazon for $24.95.

5. A pouch for your phone and other stuff that stays super secure and won't bounce.

6. A clip-on speaker for anyone who hates cords or doesn't want in-ear headphones to block out street noise.

7. A hands-free leash that makes is easy to run with your dog.


8. Sweat-wicking, quick dry underwear that keeps your undercarriage dry no matter the weather.

9. An every-other-month subscription box tailored for runners.


18. A slap band which is not just super fun to put on, but also keeps you visible on early morning and late night runs.

19. A t-shirt for the runner who wants to show their house loyalty.