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27 Products That Will Make Running Infinitely Better

Make running easier on your body, starting now.

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1. Moisture-wicking socks that will keep your feet dry and comfortable:

Say no to soggy, unhappy feet.

Try the Coolmax Vertex Tab No Show Ultra-Light Cushion socks here for $16, and the Nice Laundry Hydra10™ nylon socks here — you'll get six pairs for $49.


13. A CryoCup so you can easily ice specific areas of your body that are sore:

Just fill with water, freeze overnight, and use wherever your muscles are hurting. It's a lot friendlier than taking an ice bath.

Buy it here for $7.50.


22. A lightweight jacket that will protect you from the elements without weighing you down:

A little rain and wind? No problem. Plus, you can easily fold these up and stow them away if you don't need them.

Buy the Saucony EXO Jacket here for $84, and the Women's Brooks LSD Jacket here for $98.

26. Durable running leggings that you won't have to adjust while you're moving:

For the amount of times you'll wear them — both working out and not — a good pair of breathable running leggings will be worth the money.

Buy the Run: Inspire Crop II (Mesh) leggings here for $86, and the Adidas Women's Running Response Three-Quarter Tights here for $45.

27. Slick sport sunglasses that will stay on your face while protecting and shielding your eyes:

Make sure the sunglasses you buy are shatter-resistant, adjustable, and UV-protectant.

Buy the Peppers Trigger polarized sunglasses here for $45, and the Under Armour Zone 2.0 sunglasses here for $90.

Also, save yourself from preventable injuries by making sure the shoes you wear match your personal running style and goals.

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Head down and visit your local running store so they can analyze your run and tell you what type of shoe will work best for you. If you want a general idea of what type of shoe you should be looking for, you can also take this quiz.