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    27 Products That Will Make Running Infinitely Better

    Make running easier on your body, starting now.

    Ellie Sunakawa / BuzzFeed

    1. Moisture-wicking socks that will keep your feet dry and comfortable:

    Say no to soggy, unhappy feet.

    Try the Coolmax Vertex Tab No Show Ultra-Light Cushion socks here for $16, and the Nice Laundry Hydra10™ nylon socks here — you'll get six pairs for $49.

    2. A belt that will securely hold the stuff you never want to be without:

    It can hold your car keys, cell phone, credit cards, and cash, while promising to keep them sweat-free.

    Buy it here for $29.

    3. Or a hydration belt for when you go on longer runs:

    Feeling super thirsty and dehydrated on a long run is the pits.

    Buy it here for $50.

    4. An armband that will free up your hands and doubles as a key holder:

    Don't let your phone mess with your stride.

    Buy it here for $8.

    5. Bodyglide to prevent painful chafing:

    Apply it to your thighs, your nips, wherever!

    Buy it here for $10.

    6. Salt pills, if you need to keep your sodium in check:

    Here's why taking salt pills could be a good idea.

    Buy it here for $20.

    7. Or these tablets that will keep your electrolytes balanced if you're sweating like crazy:

    Drop them in some water to keep hydrated when long runs and hot temperatures do a number on your body.

    Buy it here for $5 a tube.

    8. Sunblock that's waterproof so it doesn't get it in your eyes when you sweat:

    Protect your skin (and your eyes) while you get after it.

    Buy it here for $10.

    9. And a no-mercy foam roller that will get the job done:

    It'll hurt SO good.

    Buy it here for $40.

    10. A boho-chic headband to keep your hair out of your face:

    Get you a headband that can do both.

    Buy it here for $12.

    11. No-slip grip hair ties:

    Keep your hair up and out of the way. No adjusting necessary.

    Buy them here for $3.19.

    12. No-fuss wireless earbuds:

    Yes, they're a bit of a splurge. But it's a reasonable price to pay so you never have to deal with bouncing, tangled cords EVER again? Probably.

    Buy it here for $180.

    13. A CryoCup so you can easily ice specific areas of your body that are sore:

    Just fill with water, freeze overnight, and use wherever your muscles are hurting. It's a lot friendlier than taking an ice bath.

    Buy it here for $7.50.

    14. A bag of Epsom salt to help relieve aching muscles:

    Add around two cups to a standard-sized bathtub and give it some time to dissolve before diving in.

    Buy it here for $30.

    15. A high-support sports bra to keep the goods in place:

    Do your chest and back a favor by keeping the tatas on lock.

    Buy it here for $23.

    16. A pair of sweat-wicking compression shorts that will hold everything in place, while keeping you cool and comfortable:

    Keep the boys snug while letting them breathe.

    Buy these here for $34.

    17. A self-massage stick that you can easily take with you and use anywhere:

    Roll out those quads or calves even when you're traveling.

    Buy it here for $32.

    18. A GPS smartwatch so you can track your heart rate, how many calories you've burned, and how far you've gone:

    Or you can try this more entry-level (and cheaper!) version.

    Buy it here for $250.

    19. An ID bracelet in case of an emergency:

    It doesn't hurt to err on the cautious side.

    Buy one and customize it here for $25.

    20. An app that'll track your runs while letting you compete with friends and family:

    Shannon Rosenberg / BuzzFeed
    Anna Kopsky / BuzzFeed

    Push yourself and show up Aunt Marge with your mile times.

    Get it here for free.

    21. And this music app that'll choose songs to match your pace:

    Anna Borges / BuzzFeed
    Anna Borges / BuzzFeed

    You can access the Spotify Running function only if you subscribe to Spotify Premium, which is $9.99 a month.

    Buy it here.

    22. A lightweight jacket that will protect you from the elements without weighing you down:

    A little rain and wind? No problem. Plus, you can easily fold these up and stow them away if you don't need them.

    Buy the Saucony EXO Jacket here for $84, and the Women's Brooks LSD Jacket here for $98.

    23. A tube of Nip Guards to prevent your nipples from chafing:

    Nobody enjoys bloody nipples.

    Buy it here for $11.

    24. And moleskin in case you need to cover up blisters:

    Don't let blisters and cuts keep you from logging your miles.

    Buy it here for $6.

    25. A simple bandana to keep the sweat out of your eyes:

    "I love the feeling of sweat dripping into my eyes," said no one ever.

    Buy a pack of 12 bandanas here for $10.

    26. Durable running leggings that you won't have to adjust while you're moving:

    For the amount of times you'll wear them — both working out and not — a good pair of breathable running leggings will be worth the money.

    Buy the Run: Inspire Crop II (Mesh) leggings here for $86, and the Adidas Women's Running Response Three-Quarter Tights here for $45.

    27. Slick sport sunglasses that will stay on your face while protecting and shielding your eyes:

    Make sure the sunglasses you buy are shatter-resistant, adjustable, and UV-protectant.

    Buy the Peppers Trigger polarized sunglasses here for $45, and the Under Armour Zone 2.0 sunglasses here for $90.

    Also, save yourself from preventable injuries by making sure the shoes you wear match your personal running style and goals.

    Jenny Chang /

    Head down and visit your local running store so they can analyze your run and tell you what type of shoe will work best for you. If you want a general idea of what type of shoe you should be looking for, you can also take this quiz.

    All right, get running!

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