Here's Why You Have To Poop During A Run

    Who knew pooping and running go hand in hand?

    You know what makes a long run extra hard? Diarrhea.

    Mid-run diarrhea, aka runner's trots, is a ~shitty~ drawback a lot of runners deal with.

    So, WTF are runner's trots anyway?

    What's likely causing this ~fecal urgency~?

    1. The very act of running.

    2. Not drinking enough water.

    3. Eating right before a run.

    4. How new you are to running.

    5. How long or hard you're going.

    PS, here's what runner's trots are NOT:

    Now that you know what they are, here are some tips for keeping runner's trots at bay.

    Up your training gradually, and don't be afraid to scale back.

    Re-evaluate what you eat before a run.

    Poop before you run and cut back on the fiber.

    If you see blood, GO TO THE DOCTOR.

    Happy trails!