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    25 Wildly Unpopular Disney Movie Opinions That People Actually Believe

    TBH, a lot of these pained me to read!

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their unpopular Disney movie opinions, and they had lots to say! Here are the chaotic results.

    1. "Tangled is a very overhyped and overrated Disney movie with an annoying, perky princess, a boring villain, and only one memorable song."

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    2. "Mushu gets too much praise. The dragon said five funny things, and everyone worships him."

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    3. "The deaths of Mufasa and Bambi's mom were not sad whatsoever."

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    4. "Moana is not that good. The story is predictable and had a bunch of obstacles that didn't serve any purpose."

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    5. "Olaf is really annoying, and his 'Some people are worth melting for' line is just not that deep."

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    6. "I don't like any of the Toy Story sequels.

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    "I especially hate Toy Story 3. The toys should have ended up with Andy’s kids! It was none of Woody’s damn business to decide everyone’s fate for them like that."


    7. "Up is not worth the hype.

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    "The plot is boring (not the Carl and Ellie stuff, but the whole saving-the-bird thing), and Russell is incredibly annoying."


    8. "Flynn/Eugene from Tangled is not as attractive as everyone makes him out to be."

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    9. "I believe that the Cars movies are the best Pixar movies, and they are better than the Toy Story movies."

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    10. "The Lion King is absolutely overrated. The pacing is slow, the story is not that exciting, and a lot of the music is kinda cheesy.

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    "It’s just not Disney’s best, and it gets way more love than I really think it deserves."


    11. "Merida is overhyped.

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    "Sure, she saved the day and helped turn her mom back to human form, but that only happened after she threw a tantrum and turned her mom into a bear out of spite. What a brat!"


    12. "Bing Bong from Inside Out sucks. He is super annoying, and his only purpose was to die so that the movie could have a cheap emotional moment."

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    13. "Hercules is honestly an awful movie.

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    "The writers knew nothing about Greek mythology, and it wasn't even based on actual stories about Hercules. In Greek mythology, he was a really awful person. There were so many mistakes. For example, in the movie he was offered immortality but turned it down for Meg (who he actually killed in Greek mythology), even though he did actually become immortal. Also, Hades was the villain, which really annoys me because they obviously just decided that he was evil because he's the god of the underworld. Hades is actually good in mythology, while Zeus is a pretty bad guy. So, yeah, not a great movie."

    Evie di Angelo

    14. "Toy Story 4 was completely unnecessary. The third film tied everything up in a nice little package, and I thought that was the perfect ending to an iconic film franchise.

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    "The fourth film added nothing, made Woody extremely unlikable, and in general was just...meh! Klaus should have won Best Animated Feature at the Oscars, not Toy Story 4."


    15. "Snow White gets too much hate. She's always lumped in with the 'worst' princesses, and I really think it's unfair.

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    "I feel like she gets judged because the era she comes from didn't know what 'lady power' was, but there's still a really great message in the movie — the importance of kindness. She was also the very first Disney princess, which means she paved the way for the ones that came after her. I'm not saying that she is the best Disney princess, I just think there are ones far worse than her."


    16. "The Little Mermaid is the worst Disney movie. Ariel is whiny, annoying, and entitled.

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    "She ruins the whole movie, and she expects to be treated as an adult despite acting like an immature child over and over. Also, Ursula is a super-overrated villain."


    17. "I know everyone hates Disney sequels, but Aladdin and the King of Thieves was an excellent movie.

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    "I love the costume changes, music, and story. Plus, it had that total DILF, Aladdin's dad."


    18. "The Lion King II: Simba's Pride has a better story and better music than The Lion King."


    19. "Forky from Toy Story 4 is a great character."

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    20. "Pacha's wife, Chicha, from The Emperor's New Groove is an underrated Disney parent."

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    21. "The Incredibles is praised way too much.

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    "All the characters are pretty boring, the storyline isn't that interesting, and the only reprieve is Jack-Jack. Incredibles 2 is way better."


    22. "Tarzan had the worst soundtrack.

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    "Phil Collins singing every song just makes you feel like you're in a minivan. Completely distracting."


    23. "The Hunchback of Notre Dame is not a very good movie.

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    "I've always hated it. It had maybe one good song, but that was the only good part. The overall message of the story is very overused and unoriginal. I also really wasn't invested in any of the characters the way I usually am with Disney movies."


    24. "The live-action Beauty and the Beast was better than the cartoon.


    "In the live-action version, there were actually storylines and situations that made Belle falling in love with the Beast logical. They actually got to know each other and shared some very intimate moments. In the cartoon, Belle teaches the Beast how to drink soup, and they have a snowball fight. Definitely not a reason to fall in love with an angry half-man/half-animal that is keeping her locked up against her will."


    25. And "Frozen II shouldn't have been made."

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    "It ruined a perfectly good movie. The only thing I would save would be the little fire spirit. And I think they ruined the characters, especially Kristoff and Anna."


    Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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