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15 Super Awkward Moments From The VMAs

What a show.

1. When Kylie and Travis allegedly had to move seats because of the Nicki Minaj drama. This was the original setup:

2. When Cardi B opened holding an award, but everyone thought it was her baby:

OMG! Thought Cardi was opening the #VMAs breast feeding Kulture. She played us all 😭😭

3. And then announced herself as the "empress," which could potentially be shade to Nicki:

4. Tiffany Haddish kinda shaded Fifth Harmony:

5. When Nicki Minaj called out Tiffany Haddish over a Fifth Harmony joke and everyone was like, "Is this a Miley 2.0 moment???"

6. G-Eazy referenced his kiss fail with Britney, saying, "I do remember my first time here. I thought I was about to kiss Britney."

G-Eazy reminding us all about his awkward almost kiss with Godney. Strange. #VMAs

7. The Backstreet Boys covered recent singles and people were like "Hmmmm."

Backstreet Boys cantando ‘Havana’ no palco do #VMAs


8. In fact, Kevin from the Backstreet Boys did this:

9. The audio partially cut out during Shawn Mendes' speech to Jennifer Lopez, who received the Vanguard Award:

10. Travis Scott — whose album just beat out Nicki Minaj's for number one — may have shaded her with this line at the end of his performance:

11. Maluma and his dancer awkwardly kissed and people were not sure if it was planned or not:

MALUMA!!! This girl tried to get a kiss too! I’m crying 😭😭 #VMAs


12. Madonna cursed when she couldn't open the envelope:

13. And then asked people to stop influencing her as she opened it:

14. Everyone kept mispronouncing Camila's name:

15. And lastly, Post Malone and Aerosmith performed (????)