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16 Times Things Went Very Wrong On "Ellen"

OMG @ Justin Bieber breaking a camera.

1. When Ellen caught an audience member on camera stealing:

2. And when an employee wheeled out a new TV and it fell and broke:

3. When Justin Bieber broke a camera by shooting a T-shirt at it:

4. When Ellen was interviewing Jeff Corwin and this happened:

5. When Steve Martin dropped a card while doing a magic trick and this happened:

6. When Ellen accidentally poked Sofia Vergara in the eye with giant mascara:

7. When these two got stuck on a stage wire and Ellen had to come help lift them up:

8. And when her employee Eddie got stuck in guac:

9. When this little girl wouldn't hug Ellen:

10. When Ellen crashed her scooter:

11. When Tony, Ellen's DJ, legit fell off the DJ platform from laughing too hard:

12. When Richard Simmons fell while dancing:

13. And when this woman fell from dancing too hard:

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14. When Ashton Kutcher did this in front of Ellen's mom:

15. When Kanye West went on an insane rant:

16. And lastly, when Ellen was in someone's ear, telling them what to say, and things got misconstrued: