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Ellen Caught One Of Her Audience Members Stealing And It's Almost Too Awkward To Watch


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So in case you missed it, things got REEEEEEEAL AWKWARD on Ellen last week, when Ellen DeGeneres caught one of her audience members stealing, like, a whole lotta stuff from her show's gift shop.

Now, almost everyone was honest. Like this lady — she really wanted a hat AND a T-shirt, but she told her friend she would just buy the hat later.

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For the record, Ellen ended up giving her the hat for free. Honesty = rewarded!


So, naturally, Ellen decided to shame this woman on national television. And, well, things got pretty uncomfortable. Just watch:

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We can all learn a lesson from this very embarrassed lady: A free hat will never be worth a lifetime of humiliation.

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And if you're gonna go to an Ellen taping, for crying out loud, you should probably assume there are hidden cameras everywhere. HAVE YOU EVEN SEEN THE SHOW, LADY???