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17 Celeb Physical Interactions That I Will Never, Ever Get Over

Celebs' physical interactions are something else.

1. When Avril Lavigne elbowed Kelly Clarkson at the VMAs:


2. When Drake reacted to Madonna's kiss like this:

3. When Clay Aiken put his hand over Kelly Ripa's mouth while she was talking:


4. When Emma hugged/air-kissed La La Land's director Damien Chazelle.


5. When Ariana Grande got hit in the head by an angel wing:

Samir Hussein / Getty Images

6. And when Nicole Richie got high-fived in the face:

7. When Sharon Osbourne poured a drink on Megan from Charm School:


8. When Nicole Kidman kissed Alexander Skarsgård on the lips, in front of her husband, Keith Urban, at the Emmys.


9. When Courtney Love threw her shoe at Madonna at the VMAs:


10. When Jerry Seinfeld refused Kesha's hug:

LAST NIGHT @KeshaRose found out @JerrySeinfeld is not a #Hugger -- Is it hard to be a non-hugger in 2017?

11. And when Britney Spears refused Miley's:


12. And also when Aretha ignored Patti's handshake:


13. When Sacha Baron Cohen came in from the ceiling and landed his ass on Eminem:


14. When Katy Perry did a kissing line for One Direction:


15. When Cardi B threw her shoe at Nicki Minaj:

16. When Kim Kardashian attacked Khloé with her purse for being rude:


17. And of course, when Kanye snatched Taylor Swift's mic: