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Nicole Kidman Explained Why She Kissed Alexander Skarsgård In Front Of Her Husband At The Emmy's

"I kissed my husband too..."

If you'll remember, Nicole Kidman kissed her Big Little Lies costar Alexander Skarsgård — on the lips, in front of her husband, Keith Urban — at the Emmys last month.

And obviously, when it happened, people were like, OMG..............

Was it just me or did Alexander Skarsgard and Nicole Kidman kiss on the lips?! 😘 #Emmys

Alexander Skarsgard just, ahem, sealed his Emmy win with a kiss from Nicole Kidman in front of her husband?! #Emmys

Well, on Friday, Nicole was on The Graham Norton Show, and she explained why she kissed Skarsgård. When first asked, she was like, "Don't forget, I kissed my husband too."

Then she explained how she and Alex went through a lot filming Big Little Lies.

Then she said that it was honestly just a "congratulatory" moment to celebrate their Emmy wins.

Ugh, Emmy winner, costar kisser — all-around icon: Nicole Kidman. Love her.

You can watch the full interview here!

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