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    Drake Speaks Out About Awkward Madonna Kiss

    Drizzy claims he didn't hate the kiss. Do you believe him?

    So by now you've probably seen Drake and Madonna's infamous kiss from his Coachella performance last Sunday.

    And joked about Drake's reaction on Twitter.

    "To join the Illuminati you gotta kiss Madonna. Don't make that face, we all had to do it" - JAY Z

    Via Twitter: @CallMeMano

    BREAKING: #Drake's first public appearance after #Madonna stole 40 years of his youth

    Via Twitter: @Pol_Sec_Analyst

    When that family member you don't like kisses you at the reunion... #Drake #Madonna

    Via Twitter: @OMGkee

    But now the rapper is saying he actually enjoyed this kiss.

    And that he wasn't disgusted by what happened...

    Christopher Polk

    Just shocked...
    1. Do you believe Drake?

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    Do you believe Drake?
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      Yes, who wouldn't want to be kissed by Madonna? She's Madonna bitch!
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      No one reacts like that over a kiss they enjoyed.
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      Who cares?

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