RuPaul Just Revealed Exactly What The Inside Of His Beverly Hills Mansion Looks Like, And It Has To Be Seen To Be Believed

    I didn't know a stove could leave me speechless, but here we are...

    Rejoice! The interior design gods (read: the Architectural Digest team) have blessed us with another insider look at another truly dazzling celebrity home. This time, it's drag legend and Drag Race host RuPaul's absolutely massive Beverly Hills mansion, and everything about it is over the top.

    RuPaul in front of a step and repeat

    According to Architectural Digest, the interiors of RuPaul's 1980s palazzo-style home were decorated by Martyn Lawrence Bullard in a Hollywood Regency style. Considering he's done the homes of basically all the Kardashians, Patti LaBelle, Tommy Hilfiger, Ellen Pompeo, and even Cher, it's very possible you've heard his name before. And if you haven't, I encourage you to go down a rabbit hole of his designs after you read this post.

    arrow pointing to an in-ground marble bathtub in Ellen Pompeo's home

    RuPaul's home in particular, I learned after watching the full tour, is simply divine. And the internet agrees! Though the tour of Ru's home has only been live for just over 24 hours, it already has people talking...

    i’m obsessed with these four things in rupaul’s house

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    ...and commenting. Spoiler alert: The people like what they see.

    RuPaul walking down a staircase with a comment from YouTube saying: "You all need to do an entire hour video of just RuPaul's closets"

    These are the "see it to believe it" details that have been living in my head rent-free ever since I first stumbled upon the walkthrough:

    1. First and foremost, there's a disco ROOM. Yes, an entire room dedicated to disco, boasting a whopping 26 disco balls hanging from the towering ceiling.

    Disco balls hanging from the ceiling in a large room

    And I'm clearly not alone in my shock and awe over this particular space.

    It’s RuPaul having 26 disco balls in his house with Diana Ross, Donna Summer, Dionne Warwick and more on the wall for me!

    — 💫 (@heyjaeee) May 16, 2023
    Architectural Digest / Via

    2. The best part, IMO, is that the walls are absolutely covered with portraits of his favorite disco artists, from Diana Ross to Donna Summer.

    Disco ball hanging from the ceiling and photographs of disco artists on the wall

    3. Actually, I lied. That was the second-best part. The best part is that his table has wheels so they can effortlessly slide it to the side when it's time to dance.

    Various charis around a table that slides on wheels

    4. In the kitchen — and all over the house, quite frankly — bold pops of color steal the show. Accents are almost always orange, which RuPaul explains in a way that genuinely made me tear up.

    black and white accents all over the kitchen with an orange range and range hood

    "When I was 34, I realized that orange was my favorite color because of the way it makes me feel," he says to the camera. "So I implore all of you out there watching to find what your favorite color is, based on how you feel, and live in it." Mr. Rogers for 2023, folks. 🥹

    RuPaul sitting in his orange office with quote: welcome to my office. it's like living in my own personal Hermes box.

    5. Back in the kitchen, there are several details that I just can't get over. The book-matched marble, for one. It's popping up in basically every celeb home these days, and I can see why.

    orange range in RuPaul's kitchen

    6. The custom orange La Cornue range with "you better werk" engraved on the logo?! Gobsmacked.

    arrow pointing to "you better werk" on the range

    7. He also calls out the black and white finishes on the cabinets and floors, because it — say it with me — makes him happy. "And if you can't be happy in your own home," he says, "how the hell you gonna be happy anywhere else?" (I smell a season of RuPaul's Interior Design Race coming.)

    Black and white tiled floors with Ru making a funny face

    8. His breakfast nook is goals, complete with a gold statement pendant light, nature-inspired wallpaper, and some seriously captivating orange chairs from famed '30s designer Frances Elkins.

    breakfast nook off the kitchen with bright orange chairs surrounding a table

    9. RuPaul's "dining pavilion," as he calls it, is even more impressive. The whole thing was inspired by the Elizabeth Taylor film Boom, and it features stripes for days.

    black and white stripes leading to a point over the ceiling of an outdoor dining room

    "We live in we're not afraid of color, and texture, and bold statements," he adds. He also openly admits that his style and design preferences probably aren't for everyone, but he does as he wishes anyway.

    wall of mirrors with topiaries in the outdoor dining room

    10. Next, behold: Ru's walk-in closet. Well, his men's closet, as he refers to it. As a devoted Drag Race viewer, I've always wondered how any one person could own so many Klein Epstein & Parker suits. Now I know.

    color-coded suits on the walls of the walk in closet

    This one closet is built from two entire bedrooms...and remember, these are mansion-sized bedrooms, so this closet is absolutely massive. Even the countertop that functions as the centerpiece of the room is HUGE.

    arrow pointing to the black countertop in the closet

    11. The "back garden" was built to have space for lots of people and big parties, and clearly that vision became a reality.

    white painted exterior of the home with a large pool and arched doorways

    12. Ru even reveals that they've put a "slab" over the jacuzzi to have literal shows in their outdoor entertaining area.

    RuPaul saying "if we put a little slab up over the jacuzzi, we can have chairs down here and have a show up there."

    13. In their backyard, there's a pathway that takes you up a set of stairs to an ornate structure perched over the hilltop.

    large birdhouse-like structure on a hillside

    I mean, it's basically a human birdhouse...but Ru can get away with it.

    roof of the structure looking up at the sky

    14. Even his "main" office space, which he describes as the heart of his entire operation, is decadent. Case in point: There's a bar.

    arrow pointing to bar in the office space

    15. The living room packs in every element that makes RuPaul happy: light, tall ceilings, unexpected patterns and textures, and a smattering of jewel-toned pieces and accents throughout.

    large living room with jewel tone furniture, tall ceilings, and ornate designs throughout

    16. And then, there's the room that made me audibly gasp at my computer screen: His drag closet. Actually, he doesn't even refer to it as a closet — they're "drag archives."

    17. It's attached to his glam room, where he gets into (and out of) drag for filming, shoots, and public appearances.

    the glam room in RuPaul's home, with a makeup chair, mirrored walls, and tile floor

    "You come down here and you want to make yourself beautiful," he says. After pretty much declaring every stop on the tour as his "favorite room," he admits that this space is his #1 pick. And I totally get it.

    tall heeled boots on a countertop with a wall of shoes behind it

    RuPaul's pioneering style is certainly one-of-a-kind — and when you think about it, the design of his home is pretty closely intertwined with his drag identity.

    RuPaul saying "the kid in me has always loved color, and shiny, and outrageous, and texture. that's what makes drag so important. That's what makes drag so much fun to do."

    Anyway, RuPaul's mansion is what dreams are made of. You can watch the entire tour over on Architectural Digest's YouTube channel — there's a LOT more to dive into.

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    What's your favorite element of RuPaul's home? Drop it in the comments below. 👇