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Ginger Cat Faces Off Against Paper Army In Epic Battle


Ross Levine 6 years ago

Andrew WK's EXTREME Workout Program!

Insanity not extreme enough? P90x lacking intensity? Well brace your man and/or lady balls for the most extreme workout on PLANET EARTH.

Ross Levine 6 years ago

Santorum Intends to Reinstate DADT

But somehow currently out but still enlisted soldiers get grandfathered in and stay with his plan? In other news, the crowd is as "charming" as ever.

Ross Levine 8 years ago

Reason #1 To See The Movie Drive: The Soundtrack

The soundtrack to Drive deserves praise in its own right. Movie was pretty sweet too though.

Ross Levine 8 years ago

Star Wars Porn Parody

Looks like it has some real promise to be better than the actual prequels.

Ross Levine 8 years ago

British Bieber Barbershop

Say that five times fast! The video speaks for itself. Now look, look and don't look away.

Ross Levine 8 years ago

Typographic Movie Posters

Designer Jerod Gibson has created a bunch of movie posters that feature an iconic image from each film filled with its best one-liners and quotes.

boomslang 8 years ago

Why Batman Is Secretly Terrible For Gotham

A spirited debate on the merits and downfalls of Batman's presence in Gotham. Also Aspergers.

Ross Levine 8 years ago

Founder of eHarmony: "On Second Thought, Don't Get Married"

Seems like Dr. Clark, creator of a website meant to bring people together, is reconsidering the utility of marriage. Not too surprising to hear actually, considering more dating and less marriage creates for increased repeat traffic for a dating website.

Ross Levine 8 years ago

Bulldog/Teddy Bear Love

Is it inter-species if the bear is stuffed?

Ross Levine 8 years ago

Zelda Playing Cards

These Zelda Playing Cards by Nelde are the Triforce suit and feature King Ganon, Queen Zelda and Jack Link. The artist has indicated that they may end up creating a whole deck with Video Game inspired suits and cards. I would definitely buy them. (via The Uniblog)

The Uniblogger 8 years ago

20 Year Old Dead Due To Planking

The fad known as planking has claimed its first life. Maybe now we can just stop this utterly un-amusing trend before it goes any further.

Ross Levine 8 years ago

More Sex Makes You Smarter And Happier

In other news, Joy Behar doesn't like to swallow.

Ross Levine 8 years ago

10 Reasons To Avoid Talking On The Phone

All very true reasons that talking on the phone is eventually just a lesson in futility. Add your own! (

Ross Levine 8 years ago

My Little Pony Fighting Game

Move over Guilty Gear - you've got a contender on your hands.

Ross Levine 8 years ago

15 Posters Of Bad Dudes

Adam Sidwell has set out to create a new poster each week dedicated to a different pop culture "Bad Dude" for an entire year. Here's fifteen of the best. Check out more at his blog or buy prints from his online shop.

Jonny etc 8 years ago

Two Dogs Dining At A Fancy Restaurant

Spiritual successor to the cat eating clip posted earlier. Which was itself a follow up to a lone dog eating with his hands, with this upping the ante again with two dogs. And fancy! [Ed. note: This goes on for, like, ever. It's like a feature length art film for dogs.]

Ross Levine 8 years ago

Both Minnesota Glitter Bombers Interviewed

The first as well as most recent of the Glitter-bombers that got Gingrich and Bachmann, both from Minneapolis, are interviewed here to give a little cohesiveness to the new trend. I am considering now calling it the "Glitterati".

Ross Levine 8 years ago

Classic, Tom Green's Bum Bum Rap Video

One upon a time, Tom Green had a poppin' one hit single that aired on MTV. Remember when Tom Green was relevant? Well here's your reminder.

Ross Levine 8 years ago

Tim Pawlenty Gets Glitter Bombed

Tim Pawlenty gets a face full of glitter in San Francisco. First Newt, now T-Paw...who will be the next GOP presidential contender to get a glittery facial?

Ross Levine 8 years ago