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20 Things Lesbians Are Tired Of Hearing


1. "You don't look gay"

2. “Wanna have a threesome?”

3. “So which one of you is the guy?"

4. "You probably just couldn't find a man."

5. “Are you going to hit on me?” (from other girls)

6. "I'm just worried that if I'm friends with you, people will think I'm gay too..."

7. "I'll pray for you."

8. "Why do you hate guys?"

9. "Lesbians all dress alike."

10. "Maybe you just haven't fucked the right guy yet?"

11. "Oh...can I watch?"

12. "How will you raise a family?"

13. "You're probably just doing it to get attention from men."

14. "How do lesbians have sex?"

15. "You're not a real lesbian if you don't do XYZ."

16. "I'm into women. I guess that makes me a lesbian too heh heh." —some dude

17. "Wait...so how does scissoring work?"

18. "You're gay?! But you're so pretty!"

19. "Does it even count as real sex?"

20. "[Insert anything here, really. People just feel compelled to say anything to you.]"