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    20 Reasons "Frasier" Is The Best Sitcom Of All Time

    Frasier premiered 20 years ago today. Man, I still don't know what to do with those tossed salads and scrambled eggs.

    You know this show.

    You know these guys.

    Did you also know Frasier is the best show ever?

    1. It's so good that Seattle even had "Frasier Crane Day" — and Kelsey Grammer sang the theme song, live.

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    2. Frasier had great inter-title cards that often added another layer to each scene.

    3. Sometimes they were punny.

    4. And sometimes they were so perfect, it hurt.

    5. Roz was the illest 'cuz she suffered from realness.

    6. So. Real.

    7. Eddie was great at baiting Frasier into staring contests.

    8. And, OK, Frasier could be a little bit pretentious.

    9. And something of a drama queen.

    10. But he was also sex positive!

    11. Though sometimes maybe a little too sex positive...

    12. Remember Niles' face the first time he met Daphne?

    13. And Niles' heartbroken face when Daphne accepted Donny's proposal (after Niles spent six years pining for her)?

    14. And both of their faces when she realized she couldn't marry Donny, after all?

    15. There was that time Roz dated future president Fitzgerald Grant*.

    16. And Roz was completely unapologetic about her sex life.

    17. Fine, she was a bit of a heartbreaker.

    18. But on top of great punchlines, the writers weren't afraid to bum you out a little.

    19. Because mostly, just like life, Frasier managed to mix sadness and humor perfectly.

    20. And in 2004, after 11 seasons, Frasier ended more beautifully than any show I've ever seen.

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    No, YOU'RE crying.