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    21 '90s Style Finds From Walmart That Every Millennial Will Want Immediately


    1. A plaid blazer that’s straight out of Cher’s futuristic closet (that we’re still waiting for). A '90s round-up without a Clueless reference? As, if!

    2. A mini black backpack for carrying only the essentials — a feather pen, Lisa Frank notebook, and a Push Pop.

    3. A tie-dye crop top that has a whole lot of flower power!

    4. A light wash jean jacket, because denim was all the rage. Case in point: Britney and Justin’s Canadian tuxedo at the dawn of the millennium.

    5. An A-line mini skirt that’s ready for knee-high socks and Mary Jane heels.

    6. A leopard shirt, because animal print was alive and kicking. Tucked into a high-waisted black skirt would make this extra rad!

    7. A retro Lion King tank to be prepared for your workout. Hakuna matata!

    8. A plaid button-down shirt that must be tied around your waist at all times.

    9. A pair of black combat boots to complete your grunge or goth look.

    10. A velvet shirt with lace sleeves for a wicked special occasion. It’s fit for Sabrina Spellman herself (circa TGIF).

    11. A Friends peplum top to pre-morn the show's exit from Netflix. We’re so sad for this pivot!!

    12. A pack of scrunchies that would look bangin’ around a top knot. Carrie Bradshaw may not approve, but they’re totally in vogue.

    13. A floral frock to channel Blossom. But unlike most '90s dresses, this one comes with pockets. Score!

    14. A geometric tote bag, because this design is the essence of the '90s. It has mad Saved by the Bell Screech vibes.

    15. A set of chokers so you're up to your ~neck~ in nostalgia. The knotted necklace would look fetch with...

    16. An off-the-shoulder maxi that features a hella romantic floral pattern. Dress it up to a wedding or down to the beach.

    17. A set of 10k gold hoop earrings to mix and match. Try an asymmetrical look like Buffy. It’s sure to slay!

    18. A pair of distressed denim overalls, because they’ve made quite the resurgence. They’re not just the OshKosh B'gosh outfit your mom forced you in for family mall photos.

    19. A pair of canvas white tennis shoes that you can practically wear with anything. Bitchin'!

    20. A corduroy jumper to wear over a mock neck top, for a modern spin on the retro look.

    21. A pair of black platform sandals to spice up your life in true Spice Girls fashion.

    Us ready to take our fly look for a spin...

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