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    20 Things From Amazon Launchpad That Are Perfect Mother's Day Gifts

    Cool things that'll improve just about every part of her life. Your mom deserves it!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A pop-up card that'll make a truly ~super~ gift for the best Wonder(ful) Woman you know.


    The card comes with a separate removable insert for you to write a note on so you won't have to worry about fitting your heartfelt feelings around the pop up.

    Promising review: "I was looking for a unique Mother's Day card for my daughter. I did not want the traditional card with pictures of flowers and a cheesy poem. This card was exactly what I was looking for. The insert allowed me to customize what I wanted to say. I have been impressed with the quality of the Lovepop cards I have purchased." β€”Linden Lentz

    Price: $13 (available in five styles)

    2. A portable photo printer for the mom who wants to remember everything β€” this is some next level scrapbooking, folks.


    The Prynt Pocket expands to attach to iPhones 5 and newer, and will print out photos from Instagram, Snapchat, or your camera roll in seconds. You can also add a secret video to your photos that'll appear when you view them through the Prynt app β€” reviewers say it's basically an IRL version of the magical moving pictures in Harry Potter!

    Promising review: "This is a great product! It's easy to bring along during a day trip or a vacation to take pictures on the spot. The instructions were very clear and got me snapping just moments after opening the package." β€”William Dumesnil

    Price: $59.99 (available in four colors)

    3. A pack of hydrogel eye masks so powerful that everyone will be convinced your mom slept nine hours, even if she was actually up with the kids at 2 a.m. (and again 4 a.m. and also at 4:30 a.m.).


    These masks contain vitamin K, prickly pear seed oil, and grape seed oil, which promote elasticity and brightness and can reduce the appearance of fine lines. Plus they contain lavender, which will help them catch those much needed winks.

    Promising review: "I've tried many, many products for under-eye puffiness and many of them just make the problem worse. Creams and gels usually creep into my eyes and irritate them, making them watery, red, and more puffy!!! I read about these eye masks and gave them a try. I just ordered my fourth box. The eye mask has a gel on the backside that is cooling and hydrating. My under-eyes look smoother! I am hooked." β€”Karen Herman

    Price: $44.85 for a pack of 10

    4. An insulated wine glass that can hold over half a bottle of wine, has a splash-proof lid, and will keep drinks cold for 24 hours. It's a ~wine mom's~ dream.


    Promising review: "This will make the perfect pool-side companion for my summery cocktails! Not only is this beautiful to look at, but it is amazingly functional, as well. It keeps my cold drinks cold and my hot drinks hot. I can't wait to use it with hot chocolate by the bonfire this fall! I've used it for other things besides wine too, including ice water every night. I fill it up after dinner so I can set it on my nightstand, and by morning it is still ice cold and the ice cubes haven't melted much at all. I also love the lid β€” it's like my own adult sippy cup! If you're looking for affordable gifts, or simply something nice for yourself, this is a must-have!" β€”Danielle Poole

    Price: $22.95 (available in 22 colors)

    5. An all-edges brownie pan so she won't have to referee any fights over the best pieces of brownie. Everyone can get some of that chewy goodness!

    Promising review: "My mom loves brownies. Growing up we'd fight over the corners and edge pieces, because those are our favorite. I bought this pan for my mom, and she loves it. Every piece is an edge, so there are no 'bad' brownies (not that the middles are bad, just a bit inferior to the edges in our opinions). When I visit, we all get as many edges as we want. I gave her this pan in 2010, and it's still in great shape eight years later." β€”ANM

    Price: $35.95

    6. A LuMee LED phone case that'll let her take next-level photos of the kiddos, even at night (and okay, a few killer selfies too).


    This LuMee case provides studio-quality lighting on both the front and back of your phone. It's rechargeable, has customizable brightness settings, and a single charge will last for more than 30 minutes of use.

    Promising review: "I'm in love with this case. It helps me takes amazing pictures of my kids and maybe a few selfies. It also works great as a flashlight! The lights are so bright! I wish I would have discovered this case sooner!" β€”Megan Eckert

    Price: $29.95+ (available in six colors)

    7. A portable mini projector so she can create movie nights wherever she goes. It's great for outdoor flicks in the summer, movies in a fort on a snow day, and even romantic date nights.


    The Cinemood projector comes with a ton of preloaded content (including Disney favorites!) and can also play from your existing Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime subscriptions.

    Promising review: "I bought this to try to keep my two little ones entertained on a long flight and it worked like a charm! It has great content that already comes preloaded (we love all things Disney!) and it is so tiny I didn't have to worry about it taking up too much space amongst all of our other travel items. We streamed a movie in our backyard for a bunch of neighbors, as well and it was so fun to add something a little extra to our end-of-summer get-together! I highly recommend." β€”Hastings K

    Price: $349.99

    8. A mini Foreo Luna cleansing brush that's perfect for a mom on-the-go who wants a deep clean after a workout, or who just has limited counter space.


    Promising review: "I've done the medicine, the creams, the lasers, all of it, but nothing has beat my Foreo Luna Play Plus. The silicone body keeps the tool comparably hygienic, while the size keeps my vanity clear with the easy option for travel. Since the Play Plus runs off a battery, you don't have to use your precious counter space and plugs with a silly charger. After only a few days of use, I can see my pores are noticeably clearer and breakouts are gone! My skin looks healthy, hydrated, and almost resurfaced! I can't recommend this product enough." β€”Marii Cozart

    Price: $49+ (available in seven colors)

    To learn more about the original version of this, check out "This 60-Second Face Cleansing Device Is A Game-Changer For Your Skin Care Routine".

    9. A white noise machine people swear by for lulling babies (and parents!) off to sleep, even in the most disruptive environments.

    Promising review: "I use this for my six-month-old after researching all sorts of sound machines. I LOVE this machine. I had been playing the same white noise video on YouTube and my daughter would wake up shortly after it was at the end of the video. There's white noise and different pitch levels to adjust, which made it easy for me to adjust to the pitch she likes. It's handy that I can plug it in and that there's a one-hour timer. It helps mom and dad sleep, too!" β€”Tracie

    Price: $49.95 (available in three styles and five colors)

    10. A pair of blue light glasses that'll be a total lifesaver for the sleep-deprived mama. Reviewers swear these puppies are better than a cup of coffee!


    You've probably heard about how the blue light from your devices can keep you up at night β€” these Ayo glasses work on the same concept, but you use them at a time when you actually want to be awake, like that late afternoon slump. They can also be used to help travelers deal with jet lag.

    Promising review: "I had bought this product, because I struggled with low energy in the evenings. I come back from work and I try to stay productive, but am usually completely useless due to a lack of energy (despite ambitious intentions!). Ayo really re-energizes me and helps me have evenings full of life, just like I always wanted! If your energy dips like mine at any point in the day (mine mostly after lunch!), I highly recommend trying Ayo!" β€”Daniboy

    Price: $249

    11. A cold massage roller to soothe any aches and pains she might have from yoga, running, carrying a baby, or just sitting in an office chair all day.


    Promising review: "I love this product. I bought it for my plantar fasciitis and it really makes a difference. I also use it on sore muscles after working out and it really helps. I use this product at least a couple of times a week. It stays really cold for hours so I can even freeze it then bring it to work and use it during lunch, and it’s still ice-pack-level cold. Great product." β€”Amazon Customer

    Price: $39.95

    12. An essential oil diffuser that'll add a minimalist touch to any room and provide the perfect scents to calm, energize, and refresh the mom in your life.


    The oils are sold separately β€” as a diffuser stan, I really like lavender ($18 on Amazon) for sleep and eucalyptus ($13 on Amazon) for a mood boost.

    Promising review: "I did a ton of research before buying a diffuser. There are so many available at really different price points so I wanted to pick the one that would function flawlessly and look nice. There were cheaper options than the Vitruvi, but they all looked really cheap. When my diffuser arrived, I wasn't was beautifully packaged and has a nice weight to it. It is smaller than the others I had seen in person which is wonderful, as it takes up way less space. It looks like a lovely little vase, not too modern, not too classic. It functions flawlessly and really puts out a nice amount of aroma. The sound is a very minimal, soft, pleasant water gargle and hum. I am so impressed that I bought a second one for my office." β€”Erin J Kelley

    Price: $110.20+ (available in two colors)

    13. A handheld espresso machine perfect for camping, traveling, or just for a mom who wants a caffeine boost without having to fuss around with a huge machine.


    Promising review: "Holy cow. I was a little skeptical, but after looking up how to use this little guy and seeing how limited affordable espresso machine options were, I went for it. I’m so happy I did. I had an inexpensive machine and couldn’t get a crema out of it to save my life. This Nanopresso is foolproof and the espresso tastes better than the espresso I get from the $6,000 machine I use at work." β€”Amazon Customer

    Price: $64.90+ (available in four colors)

    14. A portable lamp that's fully detachable from its base so they can take it camping, use it in a power outage, or just admire its beauty on their bedside table.


    Promising review: "This is small enough to sit in a small space on my desk. It's very easy to use. People ask, 'what is that??' all the time. I really like the charge feature when the power goes out β€” I still have a light and it is portable, too." β€”M. Montplaisir

    Price: $59.99 (available in two colors)

    15. A reusable smart notebook so your tech-savvy mom can totally upgrade her bullet journaling game (or just actually remember a grocery list for once).


    The pages are reusable so you can write on them, take pictures to upload to your computer drive, and then wipe clean to start all over!

    Promising review: "I'm on my computer all day for work, but throughout the day I sometimes need to scrawl notes to myself to do things or look up information. I used to have sticky notes all over my desk or scribbled notes in steno pads. When I completed everything on the pieces of paper or steno pages, I'd throw them away. With this notebook, I can scrawl to my heart's delight and not worry about wasting paper and trees. I showed my high-school-aged kids and husband, and they all wanted me to buy them one too. Always happy to support a creative, independent invention like this product." β€”Amazon Addict

    Price: $29.21+ (available in four colors and two multi-packs)

    16. A makeup brush cleaner that'll spin the gunk right off her brushes in no time flat β€” plus it's so fun to use that she can probably even convince the kids to do it!


    Promising review: "First impression = hella good! This baby deep-cleaned my brushes like never before. I've never been able to clean them with an ordinary mat, it would take me longer and my hands would be pruned from touching the bristles. With this, it separates the bristles during spin. It's kind of like the face-cleansing brush, in that it does most of the work for you. This is the best product I've purchased in awhile. I love this thing, it would definitely be a great gift to all my friends." β€”Grace

    Price: $33.88

    17. A foam roller water bottle, because busy moms don't have time for things that only do one job. This'll keep her hydrated and help release sore muscles, all in one package!


    Promising review: "I received this water bottle as a gift for Mother's Day from my husband. Great product! It really keeps water cold for a long time. I actually use it as a roller, very strong construction." β€”RobBob

    Price: $49.99+ (available in eight colors)

    18. A tortilla toaster that's perfect for the mom who absolutely never skips a Taco Tuesday.


    Promising review: "I love that I can use this for six tortillas to make tacos quickly for my family. No soggy tortillas in the microwave anymore for me. I always seem to get comments on mine when I make tacos for parties. I definitely recommend!" β€”Joseph lopez

    Price: $59 (available in three colors)

    19. A countertop air fryer for the mom who wants to have it all: delicious crispy food and a way to cut down on oil to make her favorite meals healthier!


    It only requires a tablespoon of oil (or less!).

    Promising review: "I debated buying this, because it is a smaller one. But I love it! I can make nuggets for my younger kid's lunch, the teens make after-school apps like mozzarella sticks, and I use it to make roasted veggies for my lunch. Snacks, apps, and small meals is what this is for if you have a bigger family. If I were single, I would use this all the time for personal meals." β€”Midwestern Lady

    Price: $39.99+ (available in five colors)

    20. A coffee sifter that'll totally upgrade her morning cup of joe β€” better coffee means a happier mom, that's just science.


    Promising review: "I can’t believe no one thought of this before? It makes a lot of sense to have an even grind size for even extraction. I started using it recently for my French press with quality beans and it really adds a level of clarity to the coffee and takes away a lot of the bitterness. It really helped reduce the sediment in the cup." β€”abester

    Price: $129.99 (available in two sizes and colors)

    Be sure to check out the rest of Amazon Launchpad's unique selection for a gift that really stands out! Anything to be the favorite child.

    Because let's be real, she's way too cool for mom jeans. Unless mom jeans are back in again. Then she's rocking 'em all day long.


    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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