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    This Fancy Humidifier/Essential Oil Diffuser Will Turn Your Home Into A Dang Spa

    There is a heaven and it's a two-in-one essential oil diffuser and humidifier.

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    Winter is coming, y'all. We're approaching the the days of dry skin, scratchy throats, and glaring at our coworkers when they come in with the slightest cough. We must protect ourselves at all costs!!!


    It's also a very stressful time...from upcoming holidays with family to everything *gestures around vaguely* being on fire, you might just want to hunker down in your bed for a little ~me time~.

    Well, this beautiful essential oil diffuser/humidifier will combat dry, flaky skin this chilly season, and may even help you calm the eff down.

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    The diffuser is simple to use, and will make your home feel like a literal spa on frigid days.

    Add whatever essential oils you like (about 10 drops), or just use water and leave as a humidifier! It also has a timer feature for automatic shut-off.

    People across the World Wide Web also think it's pretty great. 83 percent of its 5,000+ reviews are five stars!

    Here's what some of those reviewers had to say:

    "I AM IN LOVE! I purchased this on a whim and I couldn't be happier with my purchase....I actually plan on getting these as Christmas gifts, which speaks very highly of the product because at full price it isn't that cheap, although for what you get, it is a bargain. I thought judging by the size of it that it would not really be able to push that much of the aroma throughout the room, but pleasantly, I was wrong. I put a few essential oils in it and run it on the 6 hour setting, and it just fills your room with whatever scent your essential oils have." —beng2016

    "This little humidifier really impressed me. I moved into a new house several months ago and woke up the first night with dry eyes, dry lips, dry mouth. So I decided to get a humidifier. After I had it going all night, I would wake up and it would still be on, and I felt great. No dry mouth, lips, eyes, anything. Personally I fill it to the max fill line and push the button 4 times so it goes to auto off, and this seems to work the best for me." —Karin J

    Oh, and speaking of spas, this Amazon customer made her own personal one — because why the heck wouldn't you if you had this fancy thing in your home?!

    joandre summers / Via

    "It looks good and operates so smooth. It gives me that spa look and feel. And it has a smooth mist. I love how it changes colors too." —joandre summers

    Yup, that's right. You can also light up the diffuser with seven soothing colors.

    Put it on your nightstand to keep you from shriveling up during the night. Set it out in the living room and make all of your guests jealous. Transform your house into a DAMN SPA! Really, do whatever you want with this thing...I feel like it's just too pretty not to have.


    Get it on Amazon for $30.99+ (available in five finishes).

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