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    The Hocus Pocus Drinking Game You Never Knew You Needed

    You'll never watch Hocus Pocus the same way again.

    Did you know?


    Take a shot if you didn't know that the creative genius behind Hocus Pocus, Kenny Ortega, is also the man behind High School Musical. Both classics if you ask me.

    Thackery...Thackery Binx


    Take 2 shots if you didn't know that Sean Murray provided the body of Thackery Binx, while Jason Marsden provided the voice (if you google Jason Marsden, you'll know why). Also, finish your drink if you've been living a lie and thought the character's name was Zachary because that's just unacceptable.

    No wonder she didn't make it as an actress


    Take a drink when you notice that the actress who plays Emily continues to move after the witches have taken her soul, rendering her lifeless. YOU HAD ONE JOB, LITTLE GIRL. ONE JOB. (Take 2 drinks if you don't notice it because it's pretty damn obvious to any real fan.)

    This is supposed to be a children's movie


    Pour yourself another one whenever Sarah can't keep it in her damn pants.

    The V Word


    Keep the drinks comin' whenever someone says the word "virgin." The only thing this movie is missing is Winifred telling Max, "You're a virgin who can't drive" (Hocus Pocus meets Clueless).

    Come little drinks, I'll drink thee away


    Drunk yet? If not, you soon will be. Take another sip when any of the Sanderson sisters utters (or sings in Sarah's case) the word "child" or "children."

    I met Thora Birch once. She didn't seem amused that I immediately told her of my undying love for Hocus Pocus. Maybe because her acting career peaked at age 10. Not my fault, girl. Not. My. Fault.


    I'd need a drink (or 5) if Dani were my sister. Do yourself a favor and take a sip whenever Dani is annoying AF.

    You know you love it when this happens


    Pour it up, pour it up (that's how we ball out) when the title of the movie is used in the script and life suddenly makes sense.

    She must really love reading


    Pour up (drank), head shot (drank), sit down (drank), stand up (drank) whenever Winifred makes it clear that her book is her BAE.

    Hangovers are just a bunch of hocus pocus


    I could go on and on (believe me, I could), but I wouldn't want anyone to die from alcohol poisoning (I'll leave that to the creators of the presidential debate drinking games).

    Happy Halloween!