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    25 Reasons Fall Is The Most Delicious Season

    Don't expect to see me eating anything that isn't covered in cheese for the next six months.

    1. All you have to do to make dinner is turn on the oven and put some stuff in it.

    2. Two words: whiskey drinks.

    3. Also, three words: apple cider donuts.

    4. Washed down with apple cider, of course.

    5. Eating cheesy pasta every day is a valid lifestyle choice.

    6. Fall marks the triumphant return of root vegetables.

    7. Using adorable squashes as bowls is not only permitted but encouraged.

    8. If there's no foliage near you, you can just watch the M&Ms change color.

    9. And the crisps transition gently, sweetly, from peach to apple.

    10. You can once again enjoy the sweet, scalding beauty of hot coffee.

    11. It's finally cold enough to buy those sugary roasted nuts on the street in NYC.

    12. There is no joy equal to the joy that golden heaps of Halloween candy bring.

    13. You can make everything in skillets. Even dessert. Just because you feel like it.

    14. You may now commence mulling all red wine.

    15. There's no reason not to add pumpkin to every single baked good.

    16. Your pretty Le Creuset gets to come out and play after spending the summer in a cupboard.

    17. Hey, pears. Missed you.

    18. Football season means DIP. Dip as far as the eye can see!

    19. The world collectively remembers that hot, melted chocolate qualifies as a beverage.

    20. There will be autumnal cocktail parties, and at those parties there will be autumnal snacks.

    21. There's nothing more satisfying in life than biting into a fresh fall apple.

    22. Thyme, rosemary, and sage are back in action.

    23. For the next six months, no one can judge you for eating pie for dinner.

    24. Every hunk of meat tastes better when it's braised.

    25. Best of all, fall means you can forget about going out. Every crisp, autumn night is the best night to stay home and gain five pounds.