Mulled Wine Is The Most Soul-Warmingly Delicious Drink Ever

This stuff is FINE. A winter necessity.

1. Mmmm, mulled wine.

Recipe at Nutmeg Nanny.

ID: 721365

2. Sweet, warm red wine.

Recipe at Veggiewala.

ID: 721394

3. Steaming with seduction.

ID: 722601

4. Brewed with spices, fruits, and nuts.

ID: 721383

5. The perfect winter beverage.

ID: 721413

6. Just pour a bottle of your favorite red wine into a saucepan…

ID: 723218

7. Throw in some spices and add-ins, then simmer for 10-20 minutes! That’s it!

Simple recipe at Zoom Yummy.

ID: 723223

8. Customize however you like.

Recipe for Citrus Spiced Mulled Wine at Dirty Gourmet.

ID: 723251

9. You can make it with cranberries.

Recipe at Home is Where The Cookies Are.

ID: 721424

10. Or sweet, juicy oranges.

Recipe at Azragermangal’s Weblog.

ID: 721522

11. Try adding some bay leaves and lime.

Recipe at A Glug of Oil.

ID: 721532

12. It will be crazy delicious regardless of what you throw in.

ID: 722731

13. Whatever you choose to enjoy it with.

ID: 722639

14. Whomever you decide to sip it with.

ID: 722688

15. Simply paradise.

Recipe at TasteFood.

ID: 721550

16. In Scandinavia, it’s called glögg.

Glögg is usually filled with just almonds and raisins, and often involves brandy in addition to wine. Pictured above with Danish pancakes.

ID: 721476

17. You can even buy it pre-packaged.

ID: 721468

18. But it probably tastes better homemade.

Recipe at Boulder Locavore.

ID: 721450

19. Or served fresh by cool dudes at your local Christmas market.

Mark Renders / Getty Images
ID: 722433

20. If you’re averse to beverages, try a mulled wine lollipop!

Available on Etsy.

ID: 721558

21. Mulled wine poached pears are another option.

Gordon Ramsay’s recipe at Channel 4.

ID: 721576

22. But who are you kidding? Nothing will beat the actual drink.

Recipe at Green Kitchen Stories.

ID: 721770

23. So cozy, so comfortable.

Recipe at Cooking Melangery.

ID: 721812

24. aweofja;wefjawefasd

Recipe at Simply Recipes.

ID: 722793

25. Go make it. NOW.

Recipe at Kitchen Confidante.

ID: 721815

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