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    18 Practical Subscription Boxes That May Make Your Life A Little Easier

    Clothing, toothbrushes, razors, and more right to your door.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Lola eases your period pain, both figuratively and literally, by bringing pads, tampons, sex products, and more to you every month. Now you'll always be prepared when you feel that first cramp.

    What you get: A customized box every four or eight weeks of period and sex products that can include pads, tampons, liners, cleansing wipes, condoms, lube, and more!

    Get it from Lola starting at $8/month.

    2. Billie ~cuts~ your razor costs by delivering four cartridges at a time for only $9! Your first kit also comes with a chic handle and any extras you may need, majorly cutting down your list of things you need to remember to get at the store.


    What you get: The starter kit comes with a handle, a magnetic holder, and two razor cartridges. Four replacement cartridges are sent every one, two, or three months, depending on how often you need them. Shave gel, lotion, and other extras can be added as well!

    Promising review from a fellow BuzzFeed Shopping & Products writer, Yi Yang: "Shaving is probably one of my least favorite things to do, but after discovering Billie, somehow it doesn’t seem so terrible anymore. The main issue I run into while shaving is having no place to store my razor (I don’t like resting my razor on surfaces that haven’t been disinfected). Billie razors come with a magnetic holder that you can stick anywhere, and it just makes the whole shaving process So. Much. Easier. I just pop the razor on the holder whenever I need to rinse off or take a break and I feel at ease knowing it stays clean and within reach. It’s also safer than leaving the razor on the tub rim, where it can easily slip down into the tub and cut my feet! Also, I’m not a very hairy person so I like to re-use my razors for as long as I can, but they would always get rusty within a couple of days. The blades on my Bille razor have stayed rust-free and sharp at least twice as long as regular ones (I do keep it on a wall right outside the shower so it can dry off properly). As for the razor itself, it’s probably the smoothest one I’ve ever used. It almost makes shaving feel like a luxurious experience. I just love it so much!"

    Get it from Billie starting at $9.

    To read more about how much my coworkers and I love Billie, check out "We Tried That Pretty Razor Subscription All Over Instagram And, TBH, We Loved It."

    3. Atlas Coffee Club gathers delicious coffee from all around the world and brings it right to you and your mug. This subscription understands that you're useless without your hot, hot bean juice and is 100% here to help.

    What you get: Coffee and postcard from a new country each month, tasting notes and brewing tips for each batch. You can also set personalized preferences for roast and grind types.

    Promising review from a fellow BuzzFeed Shopping & Products writer, Kayla Suazo: "My first observation after opening the box was the smell. It smells FAN-FREAKIN'-TASTIC. It also comes with sweet postcards from the cities where the batches are from, so the entire experience feels so lovely and personal. As for the coffee itself, it's heavenly. I am used to store-bought coffee — which yes, is fine — but both of these tasted incredibly fresh and different from each other. Both of them were incredible both in taste and quality. I genuinely enjoyed waking up every morning and sitting on the couch with my coffee. There's no better way to start the day, so if you're asking me if I think this subscription is worth it I have a very easy answer: 100% YES."

    Get it from Atlas Coffee Club for $9+/month (choose from half a bag, full bag, or double bag).

    For more on Atlas Coffee Club, check out "This Subscription Service Delivers You Fresh Coffee From Around The World."

    4. Home Chef serves nutritious meals and (most importantly) choices! Pick from 26 meals each week, and get cooking. These meals only take about 30 minutes to make, so start planning your menu *and* your after-dinner plans now!

    What you get: Your choice of meals with perfectly portioned ingredients and easy step-by-step instructions. Currently available are ginger steak and peppers, scallop and mushroom risotto, and parmesan stuffed chicken braciola with green beans. Yum!

    Get it from Home Chef starting at $7.99 per serving.

    5. Dia & Co curates a box of fashionable plus size clothing items and accessories based on your style preferences. Love to get a personalized wardrobe update without braving the mall on the weekend.

    What you get: A curated box of clothing and accessories selected by a personal stylist based on your preferences. Try everything on at home, and keep the items you like! Available in women's sizes 14–32 (0X–5X).

    Get it from Dia & Co starting at $20/styling fee per box.

    6. Cairn ensures that your camping and outdoor experiences are top-notch by sending you gear either monthly or quarterly. From warm apparel to trail snacks to first-aid kits, you'll be set with both necessities and little extras that will make life on the trail even better.


    What you get: Three to six outdoorsy products based on your personal profile and recreational interests. In the Monthly Collection, expect up to $50 retail value worth of products, and in the quarterly Obsidian Collection, expect items totaling $300+ retail value.

    Get it from Cairn: the Monthly Collection for $29.95/month and the Obsidian Collection for $249.95/quarterly.

    7. Book of the Month expands your ever-growing book collection by sending you new titles to enjoy. You get to pick from one of five selected new releases, which feels like getting a book based on your BFF's glowing recommendation.

    Book of the Month

    I have book of the month and absolutely love it! The books themselves are beautiful — hardcover and brand new. And the selection is fantastic. I normally get really stalled up trying to decide what to read, but having a curated selection is stress-free and wonderful.

    What you get: Your choice of one of five titles a month with an option to skip a month and save your credit whenever you please.

    Get it from Book of the Month for $14.99/month.

    8. Meundies takes cuteness to a whole new level by sending pairs of underwear for you *or* you and your partner every month. Hey, that's one more day without having to do laundry for both of you!

    What you get: A monthly pair of underwear for you *or* you and a partner. Pick from eight styles, and a myriad of fun colors and patterns. Available in men's and women's sizes XS–2XL.

    Get it from Meundies for $15 for one pair/month or $30 for two pairs/month.

    9. Birchbox Beauty box transforms your bathroom counter into a makeup store where you get to sample luxury beauty and hair products. Everything included is based on your personal style, so prepare to enjoy things you'll love but may have never discovered in your own.

    What you get: Four to six deluxe beauty, hair, and makeup samples based on your preferences.

    Get it from Birchbox starting at $15/month.

    10. And Birchbox Grooming brings more masculine products to the forefront, offering goods like shave cream, hand lotion, and high-end deodorant. This box is marketed to "men," but gender is a lie, so go ahead and get this if it SPEAKS to you!

    What you get: Five sample-size grooming supplies customized to your preferences.

    Get it from Birchbox starting at $10/month.

    11. Piquant Post takes your cooking up a notch with fun spice packs and recipes to use them with. Tell your tired lemon pepper grinder to retire and waste no more time mulling over various spice blends in the grocery store. Piquant has you covered.

    What you get: Three or four handcrafted spice blends and curated recipes from a specific region or country with recipes, shopping lists, and step-by-step cooking instructions.

    Promising review: "Piquant has been awesome for my cooking. Since getting the first box, my girlfriend and I have broken out of our usual trusty, but sometimes boring, meals, and tried cool new recipes. Also the recipes have been simple too!” —Diego

    Get it from Piquant for $9.99+/month choose from 12-month, 6-month, or month-to-month prepay options).

    12. Comma Vintage leaves rifling through mounds of vintage finds to the professionals so all you have to do is enjoy the hand-selected goods they send you. You'll always look forward to your next ~groovy~ box of clothing, accessories, and even little trinkets.


    What you get: A curated box of vintage menswear and accessories, including one or two pieces of apparel and three or four accessories and artifacts. They feature brands like Levi's, Pendleton, L. L. Bean, Nike, Champion, and more!

    Promising review: "Every four months I'll get an email saying that I have a box on the way from Comma Vintage, and I get super excited to see what they sent me this time. I haven't been let down once. So far my favorite item has been a vintage down vest that I wear multiple times a week. I loved the service so much that I bought my brother a subscription for Christmas, and due to the survey everyone fills out, he gets very different items than me — but also loves them. I look forward to continuing to be a subscriber!" —Oliver

    Get it from Cratejoy for $35 every three months.

    13. Stitch Fix sets you up with a personal stylist who hand-selects clothing and accessories based on your taste. Try everything on at home and only keep the items that ~speak to you~.

    What you get: A curated box of five clothing items and accessories picked by a stylist based on your preferences. Keep what you want and send back what you don't! Available in women's sizes 0–24, men's sizes XS–3XL, and kid's sizes 2T–14.

    Get it from Stitch Fix starting at $20/styling fee per Fix (credited back to anything you decide to purchase).

    14. FaceTory helps you get your glow on by sending you a variety of K-beauty sheet masks to try out. Go ahead and save the 10 minutes you would have spent in CVS trying to decide which mask to buy and put it towards more time spent sleeping.


    What you get: Four or seven K-beauty sheet masks with a card of helpful tips and information.

    Promising review: "This set was awesome and the box it came in was very nicely packaged. The variety in brands and specialties of the mask were very well curated, and it's a nice set to add to a collection or start out for someone who wants to get into masking. My only problem with it was I wish it gave the individual prices of each mask and the ability to rebuy a mask if I liked it." —Christina

    Get it from Amazon for $6.23/month (available with four or seven sheet masks).

    15. Quip quells the notion that toothbrushing is boring by bringing you a beautiful electric toothbrush and replacement heads *right* when you'll need them. No more trips to the corner store just for a toothbrush after yours gets too gnarly.

    What you get: The starter set comes with an electric toothbrush base, a cover/mount, and an optional toothpaste. Refills come with a brush head, AAA battery, and optional toothpaste.

    Get a starter set from Quip for $25+ with $5+ refills every three months.

    Quip won as the inexpensive option in The Best Electronic Toothbrushes on BuzzFeed Reviews!

    16. Sock Fancy adds a little pep to your step by making your sock collection a bit more jazzy. No matter how bold you want to go, all of Sock Fancy's picks are top-notch and will definitely set your ankles apart at the office. Adulthood is looking forward to your sock subscription every month.,

    What you get: A fun, high-quality pair of socks! Choose between men's and women's socks, crew or no show styles, and select your "boldness level" to find your perfect ~match~.

    Promising review: "I received my first month's subscription of socks just a few days after signing up, and I must say I was very pleased with the quality of the socks. The designs were super fun and the socks are made of quality materials that will last far longer than other dress/novelty socks on the market." —Joseph F.

    Get it from Sock Fancy starting at $11/month.

    17. BootayBag understands that underwear can be both pretty and practical. Hey, we all have to wear it (debatable), so might as well make it cute!

    I have BootayBag and really enjoy it! Who doesn't love a fun, lacy, colorful surprise in their mailbox once a month?

    What you get: One or two pairs of underwear available in thongs, full-coverage, or a mix of both! Available in sizes XS–XL.

    Get it from BootayBag starting at $9+/month.

    18. Wantable beefs up your regular closet *and* fitness wardrobe by having stylists hand-select apparel based on a quiz and personal style notes from you. Good luck choosing between the fashion and fitness edits!,

    What you get: Seven items from a women's style, women's fitness, or men's fitness edit chosen by a personal stylist. You can look through their stream and choose specific items you'd like to try on *or* have it all be surprises. Keep what you love, send back what you don't, and switch any sizes if you need to. Available in women's sizes 0–24W (XS–3X) and men's sizes S–XXL.

    I've used Wantable and LOVE IT SO MUCH. I opted for the fitness edit and had some annoyingly specific requests for types of items I wanted. I didn't use the option to pick something from the stream, instead just trusting the stylist to know the inventory and pull some killer stuff. It totally paid off! I was sent a box full of incredible items that were 10/10 and fit just the way I like them to. I kept five of the seven items and wear them all the time. Huge fan!

    Get it from Wantable starting at $20/styling fee per box.

    Enjoy your practical — and totally justified — subscriptions, everyone!


    The reviews in this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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