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What This New Mom Did Will Melt Your Heart

Did you know that September is Neonatal Intensive Care Awareness (NICA) Month?

pleasewatchclickhere 2 years ago

6 Ways You Can Eat Your Bread Bowl Without Anyone Noticing

Listen, I get it. You’re a woman. You’re not supposed to eat your bread bowl. It’s bad enough you’ve eaten everything inside your bowl, but to then go ahead and consume an entire loaf of bread infused with cheddar-baked-potato-bacon soup is a revolting transgression befitting of only the most disgusting, gluttonous problem-with-Americas.

pleasewatchclickhere 3 years ago

Everything You Need To Know Before You Major In Humanities

Want to major in liberal arts? Make sure to watch this informative video before it's too late. Because it will be soon, but you can still turn your life around.

pleasewatchclickhere 4 years ago

Definitive Ranking Of Catfish Guest Hosts

Luckily, Max is back now, but not after us having to endure a parade of “star co-hosts”, each one more inept than the next. (Okay - with possibly one exception. See: #1.) Please enjoy our candid ranking of each of them, from worst to best.

pleasewatchclickhere 4 years ago

6 Unpopular Gilmore Girls Opinions

It’s so easy to get sucked up in their New Englandy rom-com paradise world, and please remember that the pilot aired almost 15 years ago.

pleasewatchclickhere 4 years ago

6 Characters Who Deserve a Roast on Comedy Central

Unfortunately, fictional characters do not qualify for the Comedy Central Roast. That’s a shame, because we can think of some good ones.

pleasewatchclickhere 4 years ago

What Working In The Service Industry Is Like

This video perfectly sums up what its like to work in the service industry,

pleasewatchclickhere 4 years ago

Super Ordinary Doctor Who Companion

Not everyone is TARDIS worthy.

pleasewatchclickhere 4 years ago

7 Healthy Benedict Cumberbatch Alternatives

Benedict Cumberbatch is engaged. Why don’t you try some of these suggested alternatives to help cope with the loss?

pleasewatchclickhere 4 years ago
pleasewatchclickhere 4 years ago

Housing Seinfeld Characters

Because you've put your favorite TV characters into Hogwarts Houses. We know you have.

pleasewatchclickhere 4 years ago

Housing Lizzie McGuire Characters

Because we all know who the Slytherin is.

pleasewatchclickhere 4 years ago
pleasewatchclickhere 4 years ago

How To Find The Best-Worst Fanfiction

We all have our special talents, one of ours is finding particularly weird, off-putting fanfiction for any given fandom. What’s our secret, you may ask? Well, we have a few little tips and tricks for sifting out the boring-awful from the spectacular-and/or-particularly-creative-awful.

pleasewatchclickhere 4 years ago