Abortion bans are coming hot and heavy from the states. A law in Arkansas would ban abortion after 12 weeks. They’ve got a law in North Dakota that would ban abortion at 6 weeks. South Carolina can’t decide — one bill could ban it at six weeks, and another would ban it at 20 weeks.

If you're looking at this Buzzfeed quiz thinking there's nothing funny or cute about rape -- you're right.

Turns out Congress put a lot of stuff in the CRomnibus that affects women's health. Some of it is good, but some is very bad.

Anti-abortion politicians in Ohio and South Carolina are proposing abortion restrictions that are just so, so awful. They want to ban abortion at six weeks. That this is patently unconstitutional does not seem to bother them at all. So, here are six reasons to show they are trying to pour a boatload of bad ideas into a pint glass.

Hours after being crowned Miss America, Kira Kazantsev was called some terrible things on social media. Why? She believes that everyone should have access to sex education and reproductive health care. Kazantsev interned at her local Planned Parenthood affiliate last year, where she helped the staff provide sex education programs in public schools.

Since the Supreme Court’s disastrous ruling in the case of Burwell v. Hobby Lobby, out of touch politicians across the country are showing women why the issue of access to birth control is so important. To help remind these politicians that women are watching, we’ve compiled the most out-of-touch, offensive, and outrageous reactions to the Hobby Lobby decision, which allows bosses to make important and personal medical decisions on behalf of their female employees. Let’s take a look at how these candidates and elected officials responded to questions about the Hobby Lobby ruling:

[By guest author: Planned Parenthood Votes President Cecile Richards!] 24 years ago, my mom, Ann Richards, ran for governor because she wanted to open up the doors of government and let the people in. Last summer, thousands of Texans took her up on that offer.

Last week, we heard that NBC allegedly refused to air an ad for Obvious Child because it included the word "abortion," which they deemed inappropriate for viewers. We think it's long past time that we had honest portrayals of women's lives in film and media — and it turns out more than 11,000 people (and counting) agree with us. Check out some of the comments from people who signed the petition, then add your name!

We made some amazing strides for women’s health and rights this year, and none of them would have been possible without our incredible supporters. So as we say goodbye to 2013, here's a little something to celebrate the highlights—and say thanks for everything you do.

And it was awesome.