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    5 Elected Officials' Ridiculous Reactions To Hobby Lobby

    Since the Supreme Court’s disastrous ruling in the case of Burwell v. Hobby Lobby, out of touch politicians across the country are showing women why the issue of access to birth control is so important. To help remind these politicians that women are watching, we’ve compiled the most out-of-touch, offensive, and outrageous reactions to the Hobby Lobby decision, which allows bosses to make important and personal medical decisions on behalf of their female employees. Let’s take a look at how these candidates and elected officials responded to questions about the Hobby Lobby ruling:

    1. Scott Brown: Hid In A Bathroom


    When the Guardian’s Paul Lewis tried to ask Scott Brown about the Hobby Lobby ruling, “Brown stood up, walked to the back of the diner, and took shelter in the bathroom.” That’s a tactic that “bewildered” even his poor campaign aide Jeremy, who had no choice but to “[join] his boss in the bathroom.”

    2. Cory Gardner: Opposed Birth Control Before He Was For It


    After twice co-sponsoring so-called “personhood” measures, which could interfere in personal decisions about birth control, Cory Gardner’s trying to have it both ways on contraception. But the Colorado women who may lose their contraceptive coverage because of the Hobby Lobby ruling will be the first to tell Rep. Gardner: they won’t be fooled by his attempts to whitewash his record on an issue as important as access to birth control.

    3. Chris Christie: Just Doesn’t Care

    “No," said New Jersey Governor Chris Christie when asked if he was concerned that some New Jersey women could lose birth control coverage. Asked why not, he added, "because I’m not." FYI to Governor Christie: Nearly 870,000 New Jersey women are already eligible for no-copay birth control thanks to the ACA. We’re pretty sure they have some concerns about the Hobby Lobby ruling.

    After weeks of trying to avoid taking a position on Hobby Lobby, Christie finally was caught on camera admitting he supports the Supreme Court’s decision during a trip to Iowa.

    4. Scott Walker: Man on the Street

    Apparently, Governor Scott Walker isn’t concerned about the Hobby Lobby ruling because the issue hasn’t come up in any of his previously undisclosed “man on the street” interviews. In a recent interview, Walker said: “Honestly, we haven’t heard much of anything at the state level out on the street from people we bumped into and talked to. I’m not on the court and I’m not in the federal government so I don’t really get involved with it.”

    Maybe Governor Walker should spend some more time talking to Wisconsin women like Stacey H. from Milwaukee, who had this to say: “I am a student trying to finish up my bachelor’s degree. I do not have the time or the extra money to have children right now. Birth control with no copays allows me to better plan when I am ready to start a family and also greatly reduces any unexpected, unwanted surprises like pregnancy.”

    5. Thom Tillis: Hiding Under a Motorcycle Helmet

    Since the Supreme Court ruling came down, Thom Tillis has been using an elaborate disguise to come and go from the NC General Assembly, which has often been overwhelmed by Moral Monday protesters who support access to birth control and women’s access to health care.

    Just kidding. Thom Tillis strongly supported the Hobby Lobby ruling, and he did hide North Carolina’s most sweeping restrictions on access to women’s health care in a motorcycle safety bill. So frankly, we’re surprised he hasn’t been trying to hide his support for the Hobby Lobby ruling under a motorcycle helmet, too.

    While the last one was kind of a joke, the truth is that the Hobby Lobby decision could have very serious and damaging impacts on access to contraceptive care for women across the country.

    Planned Parenthood Action Fund is working to ensure everyone knows who is standing up for women and who is not.

    Many women are unsure how the ruling will impact them, and if you have any questions about your contraceptive coverage, you can text "birth control" to 69866.

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