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18 Of The 11,000+ People Who Want NBC To Stop The Stigma About Abortion In The Media

Last week, we heard that NBC allegedly refused to air an ad for Obvious Child because it included the word "abortion," which they deemed inappropriate for viewers. We think it's long past time that we had honest portrayals of women's lives in film and media — and it turns out more than 11,000 people (and counting) agree with us. Check out some of the comments from people who signed the petition, then add your name!

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Women have the right to control our own bodies and this film is an authentic voice about young women and their sexuality. You show trailers about sexual violence and rape, but not about women making their own decisions?
Censorship is not appropriate. The topic of abortion is not inappropriate in this day and age. We even let pregnant women out in public now too.
We can't move forward on any topic unless we talk about it. Shine a light on it. Whether you are pro-choice or pro-life, talking about this will be a good thing. Run the ad.
There is nothing offensive about the word - abortion. It is not a pejorative, but a medical term for a procedure which has been legal for over 4 decades, and even longer in some states. Get over it and stop engaging in censorship and stop patronizing the lunatic fringe.
Abortion exists and it will continue to exist even as the conservatives make it increasingly difficult for women to obtain one. So not airing ads for a movie about abortion won't do you any good. Sure, most people will be up in arms about the movie, but that's okay. That might be part of the purpose of having a movie like this. Maybe using a movie like Obvious Child as a starting point for a healthy discussion about abortion is what we need as a society. That's why it's ridiculous to just outright refuse airing it.
Banning the word 'abortion' is as backwards as banning the discussion of breast cancer because it has the 'breast.'
I'm pretty sure it's 2014 and not 1956. I don't even know what to say I'm so flabbergasted that a major network doesn't think the word abortion should be said on air. For real?
Stop isolating women and making them invisible by eliminating the word abortion on air. Every other TV show uses rape as a plot point yet you can't talk about a way women deal with unwanted pregnancy? Get a grip.
Let's grow up, please. We're all adults. If people cannot handle certain words they can hit mute or change the channel.
This is an issue of freedom of speech and proper media representation - such a common life choice as abortion should not be associated with shame or cowardice.
It's absurd that you won't promote the movie because of the word 'abortion.' Abortion is safe and legal, and it should not be stigmatized!!
Are you INSANE? Abortion is a LEGAL medical procedure. I am personally opposed to it for myself but have NO problem with it being discussed or advertised.