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Escoge un lugar para tener sexo y te diremos qué tipo de amante eres

En la cocina, en el "reposet", junto a la chimenea... Las posibilidades son infinitas...

Peggy Wang • 4 days ago
Peggy Wang • 6 days ago

12 IKEA-Hacks, die dein kleines Zimmer zum echten Platzwunder machen

Eine smarte METOD, damit deine winzige Wohnung nicht mehr ganz so winzig ist.

Peggy Wang • 8 days ago
Peggy Wang • 9 days ago
Peggy Wang • 10 days ago

Here's How To Turn A Tablecloth Into A Fancy Party Dress In Less Than A Minute

Today I learned something actually useful in my life for once.

Peggy Wang • 13 days ago
Peggy Wang • 16 days ago
Peggy Wang • 19 days ago

There's A New Strawberry Shortcake Cap'N Crunch Cereal And Life Is Suddenly Less Boring

You will tear up the roof of your mouth; it will be delicious.

Peggy Wang • 20 days ago

This Food Quiz Will Reveal How Much Of A Bougie Hipster You Are

Helpful hint: It probably costs more than you'd ever be willing to pay.

Peggy Wang • 22 days ago

42 Cheap And Easy Home Upgrades That Will Make Your Home Look More Expensive

Going through a home renovation is actually the worst. Time to take matters into your own hands.

Peggy Wang • 23 days ago
Peggy Wang • 24 days ago

Here Are Some Of 2019's Most Innovative Food Products So Far

Donut hole lip balms and vacuum-fried pickle chips? This is the only scientific innovation I actually care about.

Peggy Wang • 25 days ago

51 Genius Hacks Teachers Actually Swear By

Get the most out of your school year with these ideas that will save money, time, and patience.

Peggy Wang • 27 days ago
Peggy Wang • 27 days ago

27 Zero Waste DIY Ideas That Will Make You Say, "My God, It's Brilliant"

Never buy hair elastics, coffee filters, or plastic sandwich baggies ever again.

Peggy Wang • One month ago

47 Cheap And Easy Backyard And Garden Upgrades That Are Pure Genius

It's time to start thinking about summertime right NOW.

Peggy Wang • One month ago

17 unfassbar schöne Hochzeitsideen – als Inspiration für deinen großen Tag

Weil es nie zu früh ist, mit der Planung anzufangen.

Peggy Wang • One month ago

8 Credit Cards To Get If You Love Free Money

These cards carry no fee and come with great perks.

Peggy Wang • One month ago

32 Genius Fishing Tips That'll Actually Help You Catch More Fish

If you have better fishing tips and tricks, let minnow.

Peggy Wang • One month ago