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Peggy Wang One day ago

20 Hochzeitsdetails, die ein bisschen speziell und sehr genial sind

Vor der Zeremonie erstmal was für die Nerven!

Peggy Wang 6 days ago

15 Halloween-Dekorationen, die ganz perfiden Geistern entsprungen sind

Guten Tag, ich bräuchte mal eine Schaufensterpuppe in Kindergröße ... für ein äh ... Projekt.

Peggy Wang 7 days ago

17 Creepy Halloween Decorations That Were Spawned From Sick, Twisted Minds

"Janice, you've really stepped up your game this year!"

Peggy Wang 13 days ago

This VSCO Girl Quiz Will Tell You If You're Cool Or Basic

Finally, this quiz will separate the cool girls from the VSCO girls.

Peggy Wang 15 days ago
Peggy Wang 16 days ago

23 Wedding Details That Are A Little Bit Extra And A Lot Brilliant

In case you didn't know, a "budtender" is now a thing.

Peggy Wang 16 days ago
Peggy Wang 23 days ago

12 Trucos psicológicos que los meseros usan contigo y tú ni en cuenta

La psicología humana hace maravillas por las cuentas de los restaurantes.

Peggy Wang 28 days ago

Este test de colores te dirá cuál es tu anillo de compromiso de ensueño

¿Tu anillo será tan lindo como estos colores?

Peggy Wang One month ago

23 Teacher Instagram Hacks That Are Really Somewhat Game-Changing

The whole teachers lounge will be like, "Damn, that's genius."

Peggy Wang One month ago

26 Genius Teacher Supplies That Will Start The School Year Right

Attention parents: buy these for the teacher in your life now.

Peggy Wang One month ago
Peggy Wang One month ago

This Color Quiz Will Accurately Predict Your Dream Engagement Ring

Will your ring be as pretty as these colors?

Peggy Wang One month ago

Take The Ultimate VSCO Girl Quiz And We'll Guess Your Relationship Status Three Months From Now

:Let me look into my vintage crystal ball that I recently ordered from Urban Outfitters:

Peggy Wang One month ago

Si has probado 32 de estas 42 comidas, eres un verdadero adulto

¡Es hora de demostrar que ya eres grande!

Peggy Wang One month ago

25 truques para uma viagem de cruzeiro que vão te deixar expert em viagens

Se você já gastou toda sua restituição do imposto de renda em uma viagem de cruzeiro, saiba que você não está sozinho.

Peggy Wang 2 months ago

If You've Tried 35/45 Of These Foods, You're An Actual Grown-Up

Time to put on your big boy pants and take this quiz!

Peggy Wang 2 months ago

18 Air Fryer Recipes For Anyone Who Really Misses Eating Fast Food

From McDonald's to Chick-Fil-A, here's how to get all the flavor without all the calories.

Peggy Wang 2 months ago

14 Charts That Will Help You Handle Everything Negative In Your Life Right Now

Instead of throwing something at the wall, read this post instead.

Peggy Wang 2 months ago