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Peggy's Best of 2009

All these good things put together cancel out one bad thing (crabcore), resulting in 2009 being a pretty all right year.

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  • Jiz

    I can't believe this offensive and lewd video went viral! Between me and my 2 friends, that is.

  • Pandaphants

    Just be yourself. And people will appreciate you for who you are. That's the lesson I culled from this story.

  • Winkers

    I still believe Winkers will be the crocs of 2010.

  • Tree Lung

    Who's hungry??

  • Ultimate Muscle Roller Legend

    I'd like to meet whoever made this video and shake their hand.

  • Turtle Orgasm

    It's no secret that we love turtles AND animal porn at BuzzFeed.

  • "This Is the Best Burrito" by American Girl Dolls

  • Wikipedia Names Your Band

    This is like the fictional 90s CD bargain bin that I got all nostalgic flipping through.

  • Pankun & James

    I could watch these bulldog & monkey BFF videos all day.

  • Dry Humping at a Music Festival

    While Blur is playing.

  • Girls "Lust for Life" Hardcore Gay Edit

    Perfect video for the perfectest song. Watch it here.

  • RolCats

    I like to read this site while taking a break from my Dostoevsky studies.

  • Autotune the News

  • Amazing Video Weirdness


  • Matt Stopera as Britney Spears' Biggest Fan

  • Creed Shred Video

    I <3 shred videos.

  • How to Escape a Fart

    This video might be old, but 2009 was definitely the year of WTF Japanese game shows.

  • Miley Cyrus "Party in the USA"

    I like to bliss out to the Moogy keyboards of this song.

  • Poetry Battle

    I really admired Scott's valiant efforts to modernize the poetry slam.