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There Are Two Weeks Left To Earn Cash In The BuzzFeed Writers' Challenge — Check Out The Top Posts So Far

The BuzzFeed Community Summer Writers' challenge has been extended through Sept 15th. Here are some of the top lists and quizzes to inspire you.

🚨THIS IS NOT A DRILL.🚨 There's almost ONE MONTH left to join our Summer Writers' Challenge and earn cash for the posts you write.

This time, we're giving out cash to the top posts. Anywhere between $150 and $10,000 USD, to be quite frank.

Still confused? Everything you need to know is here.

Now, let's get to the good stuff. We want to celebrate some of the amazing content we've received already.

1. 11 Extremely Specific Athlete Habits You See At The Olympics — And The Low-Key Fascinating Reasons Behind Them

2. If You've Listened To At Least 44 Of These Songs, I Think You Have Elite Taste

3. It's Almost Impossible To Name These Iconic Actors Using Only Their Initials

4. Design A Historic House To Find Out What English Era You're From

5. Only A True Pixar Fan Can Identify All 16 Of These Side Characters

6. I Had My 5-Year-Old Sister Describe Disney Characters To Me And I'll Be Impressed If You Can Guess Them

7. How Much Random Knowledge Do You Know About Chandler Bing?

8. Oh, So You Breathe, Sleep, And Eat "Friends?" Prove It By Scoring Over 13/18 On This Unreasonably Hard Quote Quiz

9. I've Rounded Up 22 Iconic Horror Movies Even Non-Horror Fans Have Seen — Have You Seen At Least Half?

10. We Know The Color Of Your Personality From The Images That Make You Happy

11. These Food Debates Are Absolutely Classic, But It's Finally Time To Pick A Side

12. I'm Gonna Be Honest, Only Super Smart People Can Solve These "Wheel Of Fortune" Puzzles

13. Your Parents Raised You Right If You've Heard Over 34/50 Of These Songs

14. Are These Quotes From "Seinfeld" Or "Friends"?

15. It's Kinda Weird, But Your Wedding Dress Preferences Will Reveal Your True Hogwarts House

16. There Are 6 Types Of Friends — Find Out Which One You Are From Eating At This Thanksgiving-Style Dinner

17. There Are Only 6 Types Of Parents In This World — Choose Some Aesthetic Baby Names To See Which One You'll Be

18. We Can Guess Exactly How Old You Are Based On The Outfit You Put Together

19. Eat From This Super Sweet Dessert Buffet And We'll Tell You Which Salty Food You're Most Like

20. Based On Your Fave Things From Childhood, We'll Reveal What Kind Of House You'll Live In

Inspired yet?

Get all the details on the BuzzFeed Community Summer Writers' Challenge here.