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11 Extremely Specific Athlete Habits You See At The Olympics — And The Low-Key Fascinating Reasons Behind Them

Prepare to be an Olympic brainiac.

1. Why do water polo players wear protective caps with plastic holsters over the ears?

A water polo player wearing the cap and getting ready to throw the ball

2. Why do gymnasts put chalk on their hands and bodies?

Suni Lee posing on the balance beam with her hands in the air

3. Why do divers immediately shower when they get out of the pool?

Tom Daley standing under the diver pool shower

4. Why do Olympians bite their medals?

Anastasija Zolotic of the United States bites her medal at the medal ceremony for taekwondo

5. Why are the top ranked swimmers put in the middle lanes?

An overhead view of the swimmers in the pool

6. Why do fencers yell when they get a touch?

Two fencers fighting

7. Why do archers have that big rod sticking out the front of their bow?

An archer releasing an arrow from their bow

8. Why do they spray water into the pool for the diving events?

A diver waiting at the side of the pool while the sprinkler sprays water into the pool

9. Why do some shooters wear orange glasses?

A shooter wearing orange sunglasses while loading his gun

10. How do horses get to the Olympics for equestrian events?

Olympic equestrian on a horse jumping over an obstacle

11. What's the purpose of the person who just sits at the rear of the boat for rowing events?

A rowing team with the coxswain sitting on the far right