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Which Element In The Avatar Universe Are You?

Everything changed when the _____ Nation..... attacked?

pdjsociologist • 3 years ago

4 Differences Between How Pro-Choicers And Pro-Lifers Want To Reduce Abortion

In my review of the literature on effective policies to reduce abortion, a few minor nuanced discrepancies have come up.

pdjsociologist • 5 years ago

8 Yo Momma Jokes Used By Statisticians

Is that a scatter plot? Or the pimples on YO MOMMA'S FACE!

pdjsociologist • 5 years ago

5 Reasons Why Vegans Are The Most Obnoxious People On The Planet

Don't those vegans realize that I need everyone to subscribe to my views on food to feel validated?

pdjsociologist • 5 years ago

20 Questions Atheists Are Too Polite To Ask In Public

We may be vocal on Reddit and Youtube, but in real life we're actually quite non-confrontational. Be glad you'll never hear these questions in person.

pdjsociologist • 5 years ago

60 Signs You Studied Sociology In College

We understand so much, but we can do so little.

pdjsociologist • 5 years ago