4 Differences Between How Pro-Choicers And Pro-Lifers Want To Reduce Abortion

In my review of the literature on effective policies to reduce abortion, a few minor nuanced discrepancies have come up.

1. 1. Pro-Choicers think we should increase access to birth control

Combining several methods, such as the birth control pill and male condom, prevents the majority of unwanted pregnancies.

2. Pro-Lifers think we should increase Planned Parenthood protests


3. 2. Pro-Lifers want to improve and expand sex education

Study after study has demonstrated that better sex education reduces teenage pregnancy.

4. Pro-Lifers want to scare the shit out of you

Some school districts like in Mississippi even have pastors coming in to give an abstinence only education.

5. 3. Pro-Choices hope to amelioriate rape culture

One in six women has been raped or suffered a rape attempt, but still most rapes are never reported.

6. Pro-Lifers wish to arm every woman with personal responsibility

And by personal responsibility they mean complete and total self-loathing.

7. 4. Pro-Choicers seek to reduce poverty

Poverty is a major cause of violence, crime, and unwanted pregnancy

8. Pro-Choicers seek to SCREAM

13. Ever so slightly different approaches

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