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2013, As Told By Newspaper Front Pages

From the birth of the royal baby to the death of Nelson Mandela, it's been quite a year.

1. Prince Harry brought five months of active service in Afghanistan to an end in January, admitting he had killed Taliban fighters in the line of duty. / Via @suttonnick

2. February gave us the astonishing story of "Blade Runner" and Olympic star Oscar Pistorius allegedly killing his girlfriend. / Via Twitter: @hendopolis

He denies the charge and a trial is set for March next year.

3. The horse meat scandal, which saw beef in supermarkets contaminated with horse, led the Daily Star to concoct this memorable front.

4. The Thatcheresque proposals in George Osborne's Budget allowed the Daily Mail's designers to get creative.

Twitter: @hendopolis / Via @lewisscrafton

5. There was also a new Pope, who looked a lot like Jim Bowen from Bullseye.

6. We said goodbye to the Iron Lady. Some more enthusiastically than others.

7. The Daily Mail caused quite a stir with this front page, linking the killing of six children by their father Mick Philpott to the excesses of the British welfare state.

8. The Sun wonderfully sent up Argentine footballer Carlos Tevez with this front. In a good year for puns, this was up there.

9. In May we bid farewell to David Beckham, the international football star. / Via @hendopolis

10. The Guardian's Glenn Greenwald spoke to the rogue IT contractor Edward Snowden, revealing the scale of US and UK surveillance programme.

11. Meanwhile The Sun made sure we were up to date on important Jacko news. / Via @Suttonnick

12. July was all about this wee fellow. You could not move for Royal Baby coverage in 2013.

13. The Sun caught the public's imagination with this wraparound front cover to celebrate its online subscription scheme. / Via @suttonnick

The Sunday People's response was quite funny.

14. But at least a British man finally won Wimbledon, the first to do so for 77 years.

Twitter: @willcooper

Quite a lot happened in July - I thought this was supposed to be silly season?

15. It looked very much like the UK would be drawn into the civil war in Syria. / Via @Suttonnick

16. But Prime Minister David Cameron lost a crucial Commons vote that would have seen the UK join military action in Syria. / Via @Suttonnick

17. The Mail On Sunday spoke to the two women now convicted of smuggling drugs from Ibiza to Peru. / Via @Suttonnick

18. And Cheryl Cole got a horrific tattoo of some roses on her arse, which took 15 hours. / Via @suttonnick

19. The Daily Mail sparked a political row when it accused Ralph Miliband, the Marxist academic and father of Labour leader Ed Miliband, of hating Britain.

It didn't go don't very well. Ed was furious, MPs and rival papers poured on the pressure, but the Mail wouldn't apologise, soon defending its original story. There was even a rare-as-hens'-teeth opinion piece from Mail editor Paul Dacre attacking the paper's critics. These inevitably included a left-wing "Twitter mob" and the BBC.

20. Samantha Cameron's sister, Alice Sheffield, got into trouble for posting a picture of the Prime Minister chillaxing next to his ministerial red box. / Via @suttonnick

21. After the Kenyan shopping mall attack, British Islamic convert Samantha Lewthwaite, wife of 7/7 bomber Jermaine Lindsay, became a prime suspect. / Via @suttonnick

22. The epic phone hacking trial got underway in London and is set to last well into 2014.

Senior journalists and executives from News International are variously accused of conspiring to interception private communications and perverting the course of justice.

23. England's football team comfortably qualified for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, ushering in 10 months of agonising media waffle on the question of whether we can win it. / Via @Suttonnick

(spoiler alert: knocked out in quarter finals on penalties).

24. And just when you thought Royal Baby fever had passed, the little tyke got Christened.

Not everyone was excited by the whole thing, however.

You can find the Independent's royal baby coverage in full at the bottom of page 27

The Independent


You can find the Independent's royal baby coverage in full at the bottom of page 27

/ Via

25. In November the (still on-going) phone-hacking trial heard that Rebekah Brooks, formerly CEO of News International, had a six-year affair with Andy Coulson, formerly editor of the News of the World and a Downing Street spin doctor. / Via @suttonnick

26. And you may have missed this, from the Daily Star. / Via @Suttonnick

27. Celebrated TV cook Nigella Lawson found herself at the centre of a media storm while giving evidence in the trail of her two assistants.

Daily Mail / Associated Newspapers

She denied accusations of having a 10-year drug habit, but admitted having used cocaine.

28. Olympic diver Tom Daley announced he is in a relationship with a man, delighting his fans and disappointing admirers in equal measures.

29. And then there was the story everyone could agree was front page news. / Via @suttonnick

30. Well, nearly everyone.

A characteristic tribute to Mandela on the front page of the Daily Express.

John Self


A characteristic tribute to Mandela on the front page of the Daily Express.

/ Via

Big thanks to Nick Sutton (@suttonnick) and Neil Henderson (@hendopolis), both of the BBC, who perform the very welcome service of tweeting #tomorrowspaperstoday on Twitter and at

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