How The Media Reacted To Nigella Lawson’s "Guilty Secret" Drug Habit

When a glamorous celebrity chef is accused of some serious, habitual drug-taking, you know the newspapers are going to be excited.

Celeb chef Nigella Lawson has a ten-year drug habit, involving class A and class
B drugs, according to her former husband Charles Saatchi, via evidence released in the fraud trial of two former assistants. Lawson’s lawyers say the claims are “totally untrue” and the case continues.

But these allegations have taught us two things: people like Nigella almost as much as newspaper editors editors like printing large pictures of her.

2. There was a certain theme running through the coverage this morning.


3. The Sun went for the more eye-catching Higella, which is how Saatchi described her in the court documents.

4. The posh papers couldn’t resist either.

6. Metro won the battle of the puns with this front page.

7. Lots of people made this gag.

(Nigella’s Ham in Coca-Cola is a real recipe and funnily enough it’s very nice.)

10. This commenter on the Spectator’s website offered some career advice, referring to the scandal engulfing the Co-operative Bank and its wayward chairman Paul Flowers.

11. And how did the Domestic Goddess herself respond? With an indulgent recipe of course.

Getty Images

12. Here it is: a holiday hot cake with eggnog cream, whatever that is. Something American probably.

13. It’s pretty clear who people were supporting on Twitter.

17. And you can expect this to run a for a bit longer as the press pack hangs around waiting for more to happen in the story.

19. Meanwhile, let’s remember the things we like about Nigella. The recipes, the cool persona and the slight hint of innuendo.

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