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What Should You Get The Person In Your Life Who’s Always Cold?

We all know one goosebumped person who just can’t catch a break when the weather chills. Give them a thoughtful gift this season and spread some holiday warmth with Old Navy!

7 Adorable Holiday Party Looks Your Kids Will Totally Sleigh

Moms and dads aren’t the only ones who are going to look awesome when making the rounds at holiday parties this season. Old Navy has the cutest looks for the whole family!

We Gave 7 Dads Holiday Makeovers And They Were So Happy About It

Everyone deserves to look sharp and feel fine at the big holiday get-together — including ol' papa bear. And #happyistrending at Old Navy, where Pops can get it poppin'.

13 People You’ll Meet At The Holiday Party Photo Booth

Whether it’s your first or tenth trip to your party’s photo booth, serve happy holiday realness with looks from Old Navy — #happyistrending after all!

I Wore Pajamas To Work And It Was Everything

For some of us, getting out of our comfort zone requires the comfiest ensemble imaginable.

10 Pun-Derful Holiday Cards That’ll Make You Smile

It is the most pun-derful time of the year after all! Find winter styles and gifts worth smiling about at Old Navy — #happyistrending.

11 Things Snoop Is Probably Thinking About RN

Rich, badass, talented, famous... Snoop (in our fantasies) is all of us. To get a little closer to living Snoop's amazing life, head to Old Navy on Thanksgiving, Thursday, November 26, for a chance to win a million dollars.

Can We Guess How You'd Spend A Million Dollars?

Sure, having a million dollars would be nice...but SPENDING it would be nicer! Can we guess how you'd decide to blow your wad?

An Ode To Flip-Flops

"Shall I wear thee on a summer's day?" Make sure you're fully prepared for summer by stocking up at Old Navy's $1 Flip-Flop Sale Event, June 20.

We Asked Dudes To Describe People Based On Their Flip-Flops

Bare your sole. These may be stock images but, for a variety of personality choices you can take home, head over to Old Navy's $1 Flip-Flop Sale Event on June 20.

11 Hilarious Texts That Prove Emojis Say It All

And no, they don't all involve the poo. To find out your most-used emoji, check out Old Navy's Emoodji Calculator for your chance to win free flip-flops or a beach getaway!

Which Classic Holiday Movie Character Are You?

Who are you more like during the holidays: Kevin from "Home Alone" or John McClane from "Die Hard?" Answer a few questions to find your match, and click here to vote for the best decorated house for the holidays.

10 Kids Who Didn't Want To Meet Santa

Sitting on Santa's lap may be a Christmastime tradition, but it's definitely not meant for everyone. Check out some kids who would've rather just made Santa cookies and left it at that, and make sure to cast your vote and help someone earn a cool $10k from Old Navy!

10 Ways People Go All The Way During The Holidays

The holidays are a time for celebrating — but sometimes, people just take it too far. Here are a few things we're all guilty of doing because 'tis the season, and to see how Jordan Knight will be spending Christmas, click here.

The 20 Best Uses Of Holiday Decorations

If you haven't yet dug out the holiday decorations yet, there's still time! Check out what your fellow countrymen and women are doing to spread their holiday cheer, and make sure to cast your vote and help someone earn a cool $10k from Old Navy!

19 Lessons About The Holidays From Our Favorite Christmas Movies

The holidays aren't just for celebrating — they're also a time for learning! Check out a few of the life lessons we've picked up along the way from our favorite Christmas flicks, and for more ways to kick your celebrations up a notch, click here.

10 Of The World's Best Christmas Trees

Plan on decorating your own festivus bush this year? Get inspired! Check out a few places that are known for taking Christmas trees really seriously, and click here to enter your decorations for a chance to win $10K from Old Navy.

16 Adorable Animals In Holiday Sweaters

Who says our furry friends can't be fashionable for the snowy season? Scope out the hottest holiday styles for those cold winter days at Old Navy, and find a pitch-perfect wardrobe fit for any event!