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13 People You’ll Meet At The Holiday Party Photo Booth

Whether it’s your first or tenth trip to your party’s photo booth, serve happy holiday realness with looks from Old Navy — #happyistrending after all!

1. The creative director.

2. The prop master.

3. The person who was dragged into the picture.

4. The crew who has it on lock.

5. The crew who has no idea what they're doing.

6. The instant new friend.

7. The camera hog.

8. The surprise supermodel.

9. The perpetual blinker.

10. The loner.

11. The repeat offender.

12. The perfect couple.

13. Your own inner top model.

No matter what side of you comes out in the party photo booth sesh, you know it’ll still be a flattering side when you’re dressed in Old Navy.

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