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11 Things Snoop Is Probably Thinking About RN

Rich, badass, talented, famous... Snoop (in our fantasies) is all of us. To get a little closer to living Snoop's amazing life, head to Old Navy on Thanksgiving, Thursday, November 26, for a chance to win a million dollars.

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OK. You know Snoop Dogg. Rapper extraordinaire. Ultimate G.

Yes. That Snoop. Obvi.

Since we're all fans, we pretty much feel like we know him. Here's (probably) what's on his mind:

1. The LBC:

2. His crib:

3. His threads:

4. Doggy style:

5. His ride:

6. On looking fresh:

7. $$$:

8. Kicking it old-school:

9. His image:

10. On Dropping It Like It's Hot:

11. Drama in the LBC:

All images courtesy of Old Navy.

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