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Old Navy’s Cozy New Items Make Perfect Gifts For Everyone On Your List

You can do all of your holiday shopping in one place this year thanks to Old Navy!

Old Navy is wishing everyone a happy all-idays this season, meaning no matter whom you're buying for or what they're celebrating, it'll be easy to find the perfect gifts for everyone you love.

Woman smiling in cozy winter gear

Check out some of Old Navy's coziest gifts below:

1. These colorful striped gloves that'll keep your hands toasty.

Fuzzy striped gloves
Old Navy

The weather outside might be frightful but you'll be nice and warm.

Snag them here for $8.99

2. These gender-neutral dinosaur slippers for the little ones to run around in.

Old Navy gender-neutral dinosaur slippers
Old Navy

They're just so fuzzy!

Buy them here for $26.99

3. This pink women's hoodie that's oh, so soft and cute!

Fuzzy pink hoodie
Old Navy

Style through the season!

Purchase it here for $32

4. This red-and-green striped bandana for your pets.

Striped pet bandana
Old Navy

Yes, even they can get in on the festivities!

Get it here for $10

5. This zippered men's jacket with polar bear flair.

Men's black and white polar bear jacket
Old Navy

Who wouldn't want a giant zippered sweater? 

Grab it here for $44.99

6. These menorah socks to wear every night of Hanukkah.

Fuzzy Hanukkah socks
Old Navy

You might need a few pairs.

Find them here for $5

7. This comfy women's patterned sweater that'll look great in your holiday photos.

Women's patterned sweater
Old Navy

Put this on and you'll stand out in a sea of red and green.

Order it here for $44.99.

8. This striped women's hat in pretty, vivid colors!

Colorful, striped winter hat
Old Navy

Really, you can't go wrong with a trendy winter hat.

Score it here for $12.99.

9. These plaid slippers that Dad won't ever want to take off.

Red plaid slippers
Old Navy

He's going to wear them every year... Just watch.

Get them here for $19.99.

10. This snug women's cardigan covered in reindeer and snowflakes.

Reindeer cardigan
Old Navy

It's as soft and silky as it looks.

Purchase it here for $49.99.

11. This snowflake-covered scarf for keeping warm all winter.

Colorful snowflake scarf
Old Navy

Accessorize that new sweater of yours!

Grab it here for $19.99.

12. These striped women's slippers that are way too fun!

Colorful, striped slide-on slippers
Old Navy

Wear them on the front porch, in the kitchen, by the fireplace, and everywhere else!

Snag them here for $19.99.

13. This colorful striped pullover that will make mom cozy.

Old Navy colorful striped pullover
Old Navy

Everyone loves a warm top!

Find it here for $44.99.

14. These fancy, floral leggings for a stylish winter workout.

Flower-print leggings
Old Navy

You're going to want to stay active even during the coldest months if you've got these on hand.

Purchase them here for $39.99.

15. This festive women's sock set.

White socks and colorful Christmas-patterned socks
Old Navy

One pair of socks comes in a soft winter white and the other is covered in Christmas trees and colors.

Score it here for $14.99.

16. An Old Navy gift card to buy whatever else your heart can dream of!

Old Navy Christmas giftcard
Old Navy

Give the gift of shopping!

Order one here for $5–$100.

Ready to check the items off your list? Head to Old Navy to pick up gifts for everyone you're celebrating the season with now!