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    28 Pieces Of Clothing That Are Not Pajamas But Still Comfy Enough To Wear At Home

    You have to admit: after endless weeks of just wearing pajamas, sometimes you just want to wear something different that's like pajamas but not pajamas.

    Unless otherwise specified, sizes are listed in women's.

    1. A super pretty and lightweight ruffle dress with chiffon and a flattering tie in front so you can feel like a woodland fairy flittering around your home.

    A model wearing the dress

    2. A flirty and cute floral babydoll dress so sweet and breezy you'll feel like you're not wearing much at all (which is good for the heat!).

    Model wearing the dress, which has a scoop neck and back

    3. A pair of woven wide leg pants with an allover wildflower print to match the wild soul inside of you 😉. They sometimes look like a skirt and sometimes look like pants so if you're on the fence about which one to wear on any given day, just go for these!

    4. A pair of high-waisted kick flare pants so comfy you'll be able to dance around in them.

    A model showing off the black and white checkered pants

    5. A T-shirt maxi dress that'll come in handy when you want the glam of a dress but the comfort of your favorite tee. Also, pssst...pockets!

    A model wearing the dress in black

    6. A sunny and tropical floral tie-front button-up shirt for when you're feelin' those Hawaiian vibes from head to toe. The fabric is light and easy on your body, just like the fresh winds of Hawaii would be.

    The shirt in white with blue flowers and green leaves

    7. A quirky '50s-inspired sleeveless babydoll dress with a fun lemur print you'll love showing off! The breathable cotton ensures you won't lose your breath 😉.

    The dress, which is pale pink and has deep front pockets and a scoop neckline

    8. A pair of stretchy classic running shorts made with quick-dry fabric so you won't have to worry about sweating through or melting in the heat on your grocery runs.

    Model wearing the shorts in blue with white lining

    9. A cotton sweatshirt dress with an elastic waist that's so easy to wear it's no wonder this might become your new fave.

    A model wearing the long-sleeve, cinched-waist dress in green

    10. A boxy cropped pocket tee in a fun color to brighten up both your at-home wardrobe and your mood! Plus, it's super soft and made of cotton so you won't mind wearing it all day.

    Model wearing the top in melon with shorts

    11. A flowy knit A-line jersey skirt because sometimes, you just wanna feel like you're wearing air, ya know? The comfy elasticized waist and hidden pockets just seal the deal!

    12. A woven crotchet flared mini dress to make all your beachy dreams come true right at home! With no extra zippers or itchy material to worry about, you won't mind swishing around in this to dress up your lazy Sundays.

    13. A bold linen jumpsuit so even if you're feeling down, this will make you feel all dressed up and ready to take on the day. Its elasticized back and feather-light material makes it an easy summer go-to and it even has a cute optional tie in front for that feminine touch!

    Model wearing the square-neck jumpsuit in gold

    14. A pair of high-waisted mom jeans for those days you want that slick '90s aesthetic but also want breathing room for your legs (and waist).

    A model wearing the jeans with the hem folded

    15. A tie-back trapeze tank to prove you can strut your stuff even when you're just out getting the mail. The loose, flowy fit means you won't be sweating buckets and the open back means you'll be feeling sexy whether you're wearing it with leggings or jeans!

    16. A charming check-print tiered midi dress that'll make it seem like you just stepped out of a vintage postcard. It has a loose fit that makes it the perfect easygoing summer dress and that ruffled hem is so cute!

    A model wearing the square-neck dress, which has a scoop back

    17. A pair of sporty three-striped Adidas tights in cotton jersey for a form-fitting but comfy feel that'll make them your go-to leggings!

    Model wearing the leggings in black

    18. A pair of cotton-twill high-waisted shorts that have slightly looser fit in the rear and thighs to guarantee that you can lounge around your home in 100% comfort and don't have to worry about it riding up anywhere!

    Model wearing the shorts in brown

    19. A plus-size sleeveless V-neck jumpsuit that's so fashionable you'll construct a makeshift runway in your own home just so you can give this the proper spotlight it deserves. The soft material won't stifle your skin and as it's an instant outfit, you don't have to worry about extra clothes either!

    A model wearing the houndstooth-patterned jumpsuit, which has contrasting red stripes down the side

    20. A pair of drawstring joggers for when you want something that's a stylish step up from your old sweatpants.

    A reviewer wearing the joggers in black and gray

    21. A pair of plus-size denim overalls to add vintage-y style and effortless adorableness to your outfit. It's 98% cotton and has a stretchy fit, so you can rest easy knowing you won't be melting in the heat wearing this.

    A model wearing the overalls over a sweatshirt

    22. A summery pastel blue romper that'll be light and airy on your skin and worthy of ending up on your Instagram!

    A model wearing the romper

    23. A breathable sleeveless jumpsuit that has pockets, a zippered security back pocket, a drawstring waist for ultimate comfort and — wait for it — offers sun protection! What more do you need from a jumpsuit?

    Model wearing the jumpsuit in sage green

    24. A sleeveless tiered midi dress perfect for bringing an island-y vacay vibe. The breezy looser fit spells nothing but "comfort!"

    25. A keyhole-back tee fancy enough to pair with your better pants and skirts but casual enough for your workout fits. The lightweight fabric wicks sweat and the open back and easy fit means you'll easily feel the wind, which'll be a relief when you can't handle the heat!

    26. A super soft and stretchy draped jumpsuit for a look that's formal enough for video calls with the team and comfy enough to sleep in. It has pockets too!

    A model wearing the jumpsuit in black

    27. A pair of lightweight linen pull-on shorts that'll make you look chic and carefree, especially with that stylish paperbag waist!

    28. A light cotton button-up shirt with a camp collar that adds a cool retro touch — plus, the fabric wicks moisture so you know you'll stay cool even on the hottest summer days!

    A model wearing the shirt half tucked into shorts

    You, strutting in these fabulous pieces:

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