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    22 Ridiculously Comfy Jeans Brands That People Actually Swear By

    So you don't have to live in pajamas!

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their picks for the absolute comfiest jeans — you'll want to add pairs by the brands they suggest to your wardrobe ASAP.

    1. Paige jeans feel as good as they look, and come in a variety of colors to match every top you own.


    “They’re the best! Super comfortable and the Verdugo Ankle ones are perfect for dressing up and down.” –evam4c35c37db

    Get the Verdugo Ankle Jeans in "Black Shadow" for $189 (available in sizes 23–34) and in "Tristan," also for $189 (available in sizes 23–32).

    2. Topshop's Joni Jeans are comfortable without sacrificing trendiness.

    Model wearing black skinny joni jeans

    "Stretchy, super soft, and comfortable. They don't pull in weird places, and hug your curves. I'd own them in every color if I could." —shabrinaalfiaputris

    Get the recycled cotton blend Joni Jeans from Asos for $67 (available in sizes W24–W36 and L30–L34).

    3. Dress Barn — a great place to get your jeans if you're a busy bee constantly on the move throughout the day.

    Dress Barn

    "Don't pass them off as old lady clothes, there is some GOOD STUFF there, and it's affordable! It's a great store for teachers and jobs that have you moving around, because the clothes are comfortable and presentable, but still allow you to have some style!" —brittanykb

    Get the skinny ankle jeans with snap button ankles for $50.95+ (originally $75.95; available in sizes 4–16, 14W–24W, and two washes).

    4. Kan Can apparently makes jeans so comfortable, you can take a nap in them. Sorry not sorry for fueling your need for a nap while wearing these.


    "The mid-rise are just the right height, so they don't cut into my stomach when I sit. The elasticity makes them comfortable throughout the whole day – I've honestly taken naps in them." —annee4b1c88611

    Get them from Amazon for $55.87+ (available in sizes 1–31 and three washes).

    5. Torrid jeans are created with comfy curve-enhancing fabrics and provide the *perfect* amount of stretch. Nope, these aren't too good to be true.

    Model wearing blue jeggings

    “It is highly unlikely for me to wear any jeans other than Torrid jeggings. Usually, with plus-size jeans, they're either too big in the ankles, the calves – there's always SOMETHING that doesn't fit right, but THESE fit me like a glove! I swear up and down by these jeans and recommend them to any plus-size person!” —valdezangelina15

    Get the Super Soft Jeggings for $45.17 (originally $65.50; available in sizes 10–30 and five lengths).

    Check out our shoutout to Torrid in our roundup of the best places to buy plus-size clothing online, or head over to our list of the best pairs of plus-size jeans!

    6. American Eagle offers a huge selection of jeans in all fits, flares, and feels. They've also been known to run a major sale a time or two (or somewhat constantly, actually).

    American Eagle

    “100% American Eagle. They're stretchy, have a million styles, and the sizes are actually what they say they are. Plus they usually have a buy one get one 50% off sale!” –alyssar400f5c56f

    Get the Curvy Mom Jean for $49.95 (available in sizes 000–24, three lengths, and in three washes).

    7. Tommy Hilfiger sells jeggings that look like regular jeans, but plot twist: they're actually your new fave pair of uber-comfy jeggings.

    Model wearing black Jegging Fit Jean
    Tommy Hilfiger

    “They look like and feel like real jeans but move like leggings. They come in many washes and types so they are a must-have.” —magskam

    Get the Jegging Fit Jean for $69.50 (originally $99.50; available in waist sizes 25–33 and four lengths).

    8. White House Black Market makes a truly high-quality jean and doesn't sacrifice an ounce of cuteness or comfort.

    Model wearing WHBM blue jeans
    White House Black Market

    "These jeans are UNREAL. They are high-quality with a light stretch, I have never experienced inner thigh thread strains/chafing in these unless they were way too small on me, plus they last for years. I have pairs I bought in high school 10 years ago that still look fantastic. The waist is actually at your real waist, or a mid-rise so they don't fall down and aren't too low. They are clean-looking, so you can easily dress them up or down, and most are work-appropriate." —kellyb47624376b

    Get these Slim Jeans from White House Black Market for $80 (available in sizes 00–18 and three lengths).

    9. Topshop's Jamie Jeans are the ideal high-waisted jeans, especially great for those who are tall.

    Model sitting and wearing the Jamie Jeans

    "They're beyond comfortable. High-rise, but not too high, and have a little stretch to them. I'm 6'1", and they're long enough for me, which is SO HARD to find." —kquinn52

    Get them from Asos for $55.50 (originally $74; available in sizes W24–W36).

    10. Butter Denim at Avenue is made with extremely high-quality denim, so throwing them away after only a couple of wears is a thing of the past.

    Model wearing dark blue butter denim skinny jeans

    "By far the best jeans I've ever worn as a plus-size woman. They feel amazing, and the material is strong and feels expensive, so they last for years. —emilys405016583

    Get them from Avenue for $24+ (available in sizes 14–32 and in four washes).

    11. Ava and Viv jeans — they're a plus-size brand you'll absolutely adore.

    Model wearing blue jeans with black sandals

    "I'm in the awkward not regular, but not plus-size. I have hips, thighs, and an ass, but a tiny waist. So it's really difficult to find things that fit my proportions." —leighb4658080f4

    Get them from Target for $19.99 (available in sizes 14W–30W and three washes).

    12. Loft not only makes comfortable jeans, but makes them in a variety of sizes.

    Model wearing the Destructed High Rise Crop Jeans

    "Sturdy without being too restrictive, and stretchy without stretching out after one wear. You got a booty? GIRL. CURVY FIT AT THE LOFT. Amazing – changed my butt forever. Curvy, petite, regular, long, short, they've got it all!" —samanthar42a22da62

    Get the Destructed High Rise Straight Crop Jeans for $79.50 (available in sizes 25–31, in regular or curvy fits, and in regular or petite size types).

    Not to worry – we've got you covered with a full roundup of the best places for short people to buy clothing online.

    13. Silver Jeans Co.'s jeans are an investment that'll last you many, many years to come. Plus, they're pretty much guaranteed to receive a whole lot of compliments.

    Silver Jeans Co.

    “Suki jeans by Silver! Any Silver jeans will be well-made. If you want a pair of cute, long-lasting jeans that can withstand years of wear, go with Silver. I like the Suki style because it is mid-rise and people don't have to be graced by my butt crack when I sit down. I'll also throw in that the first pair of Silver jeans I owned I wore for over six years and cried when they finally had to be thrown away!” —Emilykay16

    Get the Suki Jeans for $89 (available in waist sizes 24–34 and four inseams).

    14. KUT from the Kloth sells skinny jeans that are a solid choice if you're searching for the perfect petite pants.

    model wearing gray skinny jeans with black combat boots
    Kut from the Cloth

    "They have a great petite size in their skinny jeans, so I don't have to look like I'm wearing legwarmers where the extra fabric bunches." —caseym44aa8fbba

    Get them from Kut from the Cloth for $89 (available in sizes 00P–18P).

    15. Jessica Simpson didn't make a name for herself in the fashion industry for you to sleep on these comfy and versatile skinny jeans. You know it's true.


    “They have a little stretch to them that makes them super comfy. They’re always my go-to jeans!” —Alisha219

    Get them from Amazon for $27.20+ (available in regular sizes 24–32, standard and petite lengths, and in six washes).

    And here are some other jeans from Amazon that reviewers love!

    16. Old Navy sells mid-rise jeans that look and feel like jeans, but aren't jeans! They feel comfy, and don't do annoying things that annoying jeggings typically do.

    Model wearing light jeans with brown flip flops
    Old Navy

    "They feel exactly like jeans, don't have the cheap bagging look, and are so comfortable. Buy a pair and you will be hooked. They also don't stretch immediately or constantly fall down like most jeggings I've bought in the past." —taylorperquem

    Get them from Old Navy for $29.99 (available in petite sizes 0–18, tall sizes 4–18, and regular sizes 0–30 with three inseam choices).

    17. Eddie Bauer jeans are made from a stretchy sustainable fabric blend, so you can walk around knowing you made an ~environmentally responsible~ purchase.

    Eddie Bauer

    “Eddie Bauer jeans are SO comfortable!” —j4cc1b23dd

    Get the Voyager High-Rise Skinny Jeans for $80 (available in sizes petite sizes 0–14, regular sizes 0–16, tall sizes 6–18, plus sizes 18W–24W, and five washes).

    18. Mavi makes sleek "supersoft" jeans that'll maintain their fit throughout the day and won't awkwardly sag in weird places.

    Model wearing the Kendra jeans

    “There is this well-known brand in Turkey called Mavi. It has the most comfortable yet stylish jeans and I absolutely love it.” —Thatgirl1000

    Get the Kendra Supersoft Jeans for $98 (available in waist sizes 24–34 and four lengths).

    Here are some other cool fashion brands that should be on your radar.

    19. Banana Republic's denim selection is vast and always right on trend. From skinny to wide-leg styles, there's a fit for everyone.

    Model wearing wide leg blue jeans with a white t-shirt and brown boots
    Banana Republic

    "Banana Republic! They make petite size jeans that actually fit!" -samanthamaec 

    Get the High Rise Wide Leg Jeans for $64.97+ (available in petite sizes 24–32, regular sizes 24–35 with two inseams, and tall sizes 26–35).

    20. Articles of Society is a go-to comfy denim brand that'll not only upgrade your collection of jeans and shorts, but your denim outerwear, as well!


    “Articles of society found at Nordstrom. I never loved pants but these are soft and comfortable. I go to Nordstrom rack because I'm not trying to pay full price lol” –sunbaee

    get the Sarah Skinny Jeans from Nordstrom for $31.98 (originally $64; available in sizes 24–32). 

    21. Zara's got you covered with all sorts of chic closet staples, and their jean selection certainly doesn't disappoint. Time to start practicing that runway walk because you're about to strut.


    “Zara jeans are amazing! They fit me perfectly, they're soft, and soooooo cute. Whenever I wear them I get a ton of compliments.” –lizi42687c23a

    Get the Ripped Wide Leg Jeans for $49.90 (available in sizes 25–32 and three washes) and the Buttoned Wide Leg Jeans for $59.90 (available in sizes 25–31). 

    22. And of course, Levi's is famous for excellent quality denim. Their High Rise Skinny Jeans are a reviewer favorite and forever classic.


    "LEVIS HIGH RISE SKINNY!!! Today, tomorrow, and forever!" –sarahf4cbea5429

    Get them for $69.50 (available in sizes 23W–34W, 28L–36L, and in 11 washes).

    Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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