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    19 Comfy Jeans Brands That People Actually Swear By

    So you don't have to live in pajamas!

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their picks for the absolute comfiest jeans — you'll want to add pairs by the brands they suggest to your wardrobe ASAP.

    1. Paige jeans feel as good as they look, and come in a variety of colors to match every top you own.

    2. Topshop's Joni Jeans are comfortable without sacrificing trendiness.

    Model wearing black skinny joni jeans

    3. Dress Barn — a great place to get your jeans if you're a busy bee constantly on the move throughout the day.

    4. Kan Can apparently makes jeans so comfortable, you can take a nap in them. Sorry not sorry for fueling your need for a nap while wearing these.

    5. Torrid jeans are created with comfy curve-enhancing fabrics and provide the *perfect* amount of stretch. Nope, these aren't too good to be true.

    Model wearing blue jeggings

    6. American Eagle offers a huge selection of jeans in all fits, flares, and feels. They've also been known to run a major sale a time or two (or somewhat constantly, actually).

    7. Tommy Hilfiger sells jeggings that look like regular jeans, but plot twist: they're actually your new fave pair of uber-comfy jeggings.

    Model wearing black Jegging Fit Jean

    8. White House Black Market makes a truly high-quality jean and doesn't sacrifice an ounce of cuteness or comfort.

    Model wearing WHBM blue jeans

    9. Loft not only makes comfortable jeans, but makes them in a variety of sizes.

    Model wearing the Destructed High Rise Crop Jeans

    10. Silver Jeans Co.'s jeans are an investment that'll last you many, many years to come. Plus, they're pretty much guaranteed to receive a whole lot of compliments.

    11. KUT from the Kloth sells skinny jeans that are a solid choice if you're searching for the perfect petite pants.

    model wearing gray skinny jeans with black combat boots

    12. Jessica Simpson didn't make a name for herself in the fashion industry for you to sleep on these comfy and versatile skinny jeans. You know it's true.

    13. Old Navy sells mid-rise jeans that look and feel like jeans, but aren't jeans! They feel comfy, and don't do annoying things that annoying jeggings typically do.

    Model wearing light jeans with brown flip flops

    14. Eddie Bauer jeans are made from a stretchy sustainable fabric blend, so you can walk around knowing you made an ~environmentally responsible~ purchase.

    15. Mavi makes sleek "supersoft" jeans that'll maintain their fit throughout the day and won't awkwardly sag in weird places.

    Model wearing the Kendra jeans

    16. Banana Republic's denim selection is vast and always right on trend. From skinny to wide-leg styles, there's a fit for everyone.

    Model wearing wide leg blue jeans with a white t-shirt and brown boots

    17. Articles of Society is a go-to comfy denim brand that'll not only upgrade your collection of jeans and shorts, but your denim outerwear, as well!

    18. Zara's got you covered with all sorts of chic closet staples, and their jean selection certainly doesn't disappoint. Time to start practicing that runway walk because you're about to strut.

    19. And of course, Levi's is famous for excellent quality denim. Their High Rise Skinny Jeans are a reviewer favorite and forever classic.

    Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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