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    20 Ridiculously Comfy Jeans Brands That People Actually Swear By

    So you don't have to live in pajamas!


    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their picks for the absolute comfiest jeans — you'll want to add pairs by the brands they suggest to your wardrobe ASAP.

    1. Hue jeggings feel as good as they look, and come in a variety of colors to match every top you own.

    Facebook: HUE

    "They come in a ton of different styles, colors, and patterns, and they're super comfy. I'm a teacher, so I'm up and down off the floor a lot, and these jeggings are moveable and breathable!" —franciew2

    Get them from Amazon for $21.24+ (available in six colors, sizes XS–2XL).

    2. Topshop's Joni jeans are comfortable and form-fitting without sacrificing trendiness.

    "Stretchy, super soft, and comfortable. They don't pull in weird places, and hug your curves. I'd own them in every color if I could." —shabrinaalfiaputris

    Get them from Topshop for $70 (sizes W2532–W3430).

    3. Dress Barn — a great place to get your jeans if you're a busy working bee constantly on the move throughout the day.,

    "Don't pass them off as old lady clothes, there is some GOOD STUFF there, and it's affordable! It's a great store for teachers and jobs that have you moving around, because the clothes are comfortable and presentable, but still allow you to have some style!" —brittanykb

    Get them from Dress Barn: $29.50 (available in two colors, sizes 2–16) or $32.50 (available in two colors, sizes 20–24).

    4. Kancan apparently makes jeans so comfortable, you can take a nap in them. Sorry not sorry for fueling your need for a nap while wearing these.

    @kancan_jeans / Via

    "The mid-rise are just the right height, so they don't cut into my stomach when I sit. The elasticity makes them comfortable throughout the whole day – I've honestly taken naps in them." —annee4b1c88611

    Get them from Amazon for $35+ (sizes 3–13).

    5. INC curvy-fit jeans are created with the booty in mind. Nope, these aren't too good to be true.

    "Honey child, if you have a little waist and an ass that Sir Mix-a-Lot would sing about, you have to try these. By far the most flattering, comfortable jeans I've ever worn. They are supa dupa." —lisahancockf

    Get them from Macy's for $40.99+ (available in seven colors, sizes 0S–18L).

    6. American Eagle's high-rise jeggings have a unique fit you're pretty much guaranteed to fall in love with.

    "They always fit perfectly, I don't even have to try them on anymore. These are the only jeans I wear!!" —beccaj40c297c9b

    Get them from American Eagle for $49.95 (sizes 00 long–20 long).

    7. Rockstar 24/7 jeans from Old Navy? Yeah, they're basically going to make you feel like a freakin' comfortable rockstar 24/7!

    "It's a super comfy skinny jean, and has the perfect amount of stretch for doing pretty much anything. Best jeans EVER!" —eertel33

    Get them from Old Navy for $56.99 (sizes 16 short–30 long).

    8. White House Black Market makes a truly high-quality jean and doesn't sacrifice an ounce of cuteness or comfort.

    "These jeans are UNREAL. They are high-quality with a light stretch, I have never experienced inner thigh thread strains/chafing in these unless they were way too small on me, plus they last for years. I have pairs I bought in high school 10 years ago that still look fantastic. The waist is actually at your real waist, or a mid-rise so they don't fall down, and aren't too low. They are clean-looking, so you can easily dress them up or down, and most are work-appropriate." —kellyb47624376b

    Get this style from White House Black Market for $89 (sizes 00 petite–16 long).

    9. Topshop's Jamie jeans are the ideal high-waisted jeans for tall people who have a hard time finding a way to rock this style.

    "They're beyond comfortable. High-rise, but not too high, and have a little stretch to them. I'm 6'1", and they're long enough for me, which is SO HARD to find." —kquinn52

    Get them from Topshop for $70 (available in 13 colors, sizes W2430–W3632).

    10. Butter Denim at Avenue is made with extremely high-quality denim, so throwing them away after only a couple of wears is a thing of the past.

    "By far the best jeans I've ever worn as a plus-size women. They feel amazing, and the material is strong and feels expensive, so they last for years. —emilys405016583

    Get them from Avenue for $42 (sizes 14 petite–26 tall).

    11. Ava and Viv jeans — they're a plus-size brand that'll fit your curves in all the ways you want.

    "I'm in the awkward not regular, but not plus-size. I have hips, thighs, and an ass, but a tiny waist. So it's really difficult to find things that fit my proportions." —leighb4658080f4

    Get them from Target for $29.99 (sizes 14W short–26W long).

    12. Celebrity Pink jeans are incredibly SOFT. Yes, jeans can be SOFT, and they exist in the form of Celebrity Pink. Game changer, huh?,

    "They are the comfiest jeans ever, I can honestly sleep in them! They are so soft, that they come with a sticker that says 'FEEL ME!' My 5-year-old son loves feeling them whenever I wear them, and telling me how soft they are. I seriously own like six different pairs, because they come in a variety of shades and colors. —steviemimbela

    Get them from Macy's for $19.99 (sizes 0–11) or $37.99 (sizes 14W–24W).

    13. The Loft not only makes comfortable jeans, but in a variety of sizes to accommodate everyone.

    "Sturdy without being too restrictive, and stretchy without stretching out after one wear. You got a booty? GIRL. CURVY FIT AT THE LOFT. Amazing – changed my butt forever. Curvy, petite, regular, long, short, they've got it all!" —samanthar42a22da62

    Get them from The Loft for $79.50 (sizes 24–34).

    14. Addition Elle makes jeans that withstand the harsh effects of chub rub. Because, hey, it happens and it hurts, and your main concern should be healing your thighs, not ripping your jeans.

    "Comfy, cute, and really resistant to chaffing! I've had these for over a year, and they're still very much alive." —marie-evel442e26c32

    Get this style from Addition Elle for $85 (sizes 12 petite–26 petite).

    15. KUT from the Kloth skinny jeans are a solid choice for the perfect petite pants that fit the way they should.

    @kutfromthekloth / Via

    "They have a great petite size in their skinny jeans, so I don't have to look like I'm wearing legwarmers where the extra fabric bunches." —caseym44aa8fbba

    Get them from Amazon for $89 (sizes 0 petite–14 petite).

    16. Boyfriend jeans from the Gap just look really fuckin' cool. But they also feel great in every which way.

    "I HATE jeans. I struggle to find jeans that fit right, and don't squeeze me to death when I sit down. Gap boyfriend-cut jeans are the BEST thing to ever happen to jeans. They are comfy and fit right, and I always feel amazing in them!" —mnoonan1017

    Get them from the Gap for $79.95 (sizes 24 petite–33 tall).

    17. Articles of Society makes jeans so comfortable that they can turn pants-haters into converts.

    "I never loved pants, but these are soft and comfortable." —sunbaee

    Get them from Nordstrom for $64 (sizes 24–32).

    18. Topshop's Lucas jeans are on a mission to make you look and feel good. And this pair has some badass rips in the knees.

    "These jeans are some of the softest I've ever tried on, and I never want to take them off. The boyfriend jeans are cut just right and manage to make my non-existent butt look good." —chowdersoup

    Get them from Topshop for $85 (sizes W2428–W3428).

    19. Old Navy mid-rise jeggings look and feel like jeans, but aren't jeans! They feel comfy, and don't do annoying things that annoying jeggings typically do.

    "They feel exactly like jeans, don't have the cheap bagging look, and are so comfortable. Buy a pair and you will be hooked. They also don't stretch immediately or constantly fall down like most jeggings I've bought in the past." —taylorperquem

    Get them from Old Navy for $34.99 (sizes 0–14).

    20. Eddie Bauer's StayShape jeans do what they say – they stay and shape, two very important characteristics to look for in denim pants.

    "I constantly struggle with clothes that are too tight in some places and loose in others, but these jeans fit like a glove and aren't ridiculously expensive, either."


    Get them from Eddie Bauer for $49+ (available in three colors, sizes 2 petite–24W plus).

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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