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    Here Are 27 Of The Most Unforgettable TV Moments From This Week

    Brooklyn Nine-Nine gave us an episode filled with twists and turns.

    🚨Obviously MASSIVE spoilers ahead! 🚨

    1. First, on Grey's Anatomy, Jo gave this incredible speech about moving on from Alex after he suddenly left her.

    2. Also on Grey's Anatomy, Richard announced he's stepping away from surgery and Bailey broke the news to Meredith.

    3. And on Grey's Anatomy, Link professed his love for Amelia and she revealed that Link is actually the father of her baby — honestly, thank god!

    4. Brooklyn Nine-Nine delivered a truly shocking episode when Captain Holt learned that Madeline Wuntch died.

    5. Also on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Amy found out she was pregnant, and I can't stop smiling about it.

    6. On My Block returned with Season 3 this week. The new season picked up with Monsé, Ruby, Oscar, and Jamal being kidnapped by Cuchillos and asked to find Lil Ricky.

    7. Amazing Stories premiered this week. The anthology series' first episode featured Sam, who discovers a time portal to 1919 — the episode starred Dylan O'Brien and Victoria Pedretti.

    8. On Batwoman, Sophie finally came out to her mom after realizing she couldn't hide that part of herself anymore, and her mom didn't approve.

    9. On This Is Us, Rebecca told Randall and Kevin she wanted to enjoy life and not worry so much about her Alzheimer's diagnosis — Mandy Moore gave such an unbelievable performance in this episode.

    10. Also on This Is Us, Randall and Kevin fought after Rebecca decided she didn't want to do the clinical trial Randall found.

    11. On Riverdale, we finally learned why the Stonewall Preppies tried to kill Jughead, and it turns out it was because that was how they were going to get the Baxter Brothers writing contract.

    12. Also on Riverdale, Betty and Jughead discovered, with the help of Jughead's grandfather, that Mr. Dupont killed his fellow Quill and Skull members so they wouldn't reveal he stole Forsythe's Baxter Brothers idea.

    13. On Schitt's Creek, Moira's old Sunrise Bay co-star and producer arrived in town and asked Moira if she wanted to star in a reboot of the series.

    14. On Outlander, Claire and Jamie had this sweet conversation about whether or not to keep the orphaned baby they found.

    15. On Good Girls, Beth told Rio she lost the baby after lying that she was even pregnant in the first place.

    16. Also on Good Girls, Rio learned that Beth is the one printing quality fake money and now wants to keep her alive.

    17. On The Bold Type, Jane's brother Evan arrived in town and revealed to Jane that his wife's cheating on him.

    18. On Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist, Zoey heard Simon sing "Should I Stay Or Should I Go," which revealed his true feelings for Zoey.

    19. On Legacies, the gang was forced to face their personal demons in a film noir simulation, and I truly loved it.

    20. Also on Legacies, after Lizzie figured out that the dark magic is still inside Josie, Dark Josie officially broke free.

    21. On Legends of Tomorrow, Damien Darhk was the latest soul to return from hell, but all he wanted to do was visit Nora.

    22. Also on Legends of Tomorrow, Nora and Ray officially got married surrounded by the entire Waverider crew.

    23. On The Magicians, Julia and Eliot managed to escape prison in Fillory, and Penny learned that Julia is pregnant.

    24. On Supergirl, J'onn helped Alex deal with life after the DEO by giving her a device called "Hand of the Soldier."

    25. On The Flash, Wally West returned to Central City and helped Barry realize that the Speed Force was dying.

    26. Also on The Flash, Eobard Thawne is possessing Nash's body, while the fake/mirror version of Iris seemingly killed Kamilla after she learned the truth about her.

    27. And finally, on the Black Lightning season finale, Henderson heartbreakingly died at the hands of the Gravedigger's soldiers.

    What were your favorite TV moments this week? Tell us in the comments below!

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