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    23 "Riverdale" Season 4 Details That We Just Learned From The Cast At Comic-Con

    Shannen Doherty will appear in the Luke Perry tribute episode.

    At San Diego Comic-Con this year, some of the Riverdale cast gathered to tease what's to come in Season 4. Here's what we learned:

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    1. First, Shannen Doherty will join Riverdale for the tribute episode to Luke Perry.

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    While Shannen's character remains a secret, it will be an "emotional role." Also, Luke wanted her to guest star on the show since Season 1, so this honors his wishes too.

    2. Luke Perry's tribute episode will be a standalone episode and focus on what Fred meant to "his son, his friends, and really the entire town of Riverdale."

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    3. Also, Molly Ringwald will return for even more episodes as Mary Andrews and will be the parental figure in Archie's life following the loss of Fred.

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    4. Season 4 will essentially go back to basics and focus on the gang's senior year of high school.

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    Creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa said, "It's the last time that they're going to have a senior prom. It's the last time they are going to have a homecoming game. So we're really digging in deep into the high school franchise."

    5. Dawson's Creek star Kerr Smith will be joining the cast as Riverdale High's new principal, Mr. Honey.

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    Camila Mendes spoke about working with Kerr, saying, "I just shot a scene with him a few days ago, and he was very talented and very great in that role."

    6. Season 4 will feature a Halloween episode for the first time, and Cheryl and Toni will have a central storyline in the episode.

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    7. Jughead will be attending a new prep school this season after he gets "whisked away on a [writing] scholarship."

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    Cole Sprouse teased the storyline saying that the prep school is a very "Gossip Girl, Upper East Side, preppy, pretentious, Richie Rich, silver spoon" school.

    8. Jughead's new prep school will also serve as an important setting for the flash forwards — Season 3 ended on a cliffhanger featuring a missing Jughead and his bloody beanie.

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    9. Lili Reinhart said that she hopes the appearance of Charles, her and Jughead's half-brother, will allow F.P. and Alice to rekindle some romance.

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    10. In fact, this season will officially feature a long-awaited kiss between F.P. and Alice.

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    11. Lili said Betty's biggest obstacle in Season 4 will be dealing with the death of her dad.

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    Lili elaborated, saying, "She's grieving the loss of her father, who she feels like she can't really miss because that would make her a bad person because of the Black Hood. He was a murderer, but he was also her father, and there were years of him be good to her. And Jughead is there for her during that, which is really sweet."

    12. Jughead's brotherly dynamic with Jellybean will continue to develop more this season.

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    Cole said that he likes "older, protective Jug quite a bit."

    13. Veronica will finally be in a place where she accepts that Hiram is the villain in her life.

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    Camila said, "I feel like getting her father in prison [in Season 3] was her finally accepting that. We're going to see Veronica struggling with the repercussions of that because Hiram is a vengeful person, and he's going to be causing trouble."

    14. Veronica will also have some extended family "that she didn't know existed" arriving in Riverdale.

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    15. Cheryl and Veronica will be teaming up for a classic Riverdale business venture.

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    16. Archie will focus on football again this season (as well as boxing, don't worry), which will bring him, Mad Dog, and Reggie closer.

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    17. Archie's iconic band from the comics, The Archies, will be making an appearance this season in a battle of the bands episode.

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    18. Cheryl and Toni will start Season 4 in a "fairly strong place" according to Madelaine Petsch.

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    Madelaine also said that Cheryl keeping "a body size secret" from her girlfriend will be addressed. If you recall, the Season 3 finale featured Cheryl taking Jason's body back home.

    19. More of Toni's backstory will finally be revealed and we'll learn more about her family dynamics after she came out.

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    20. With Jughead at prep school, Betty will only be seeing him on weekends, but Cole assures fans, "distance can make the heart grow fonder."

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    Lili also said that Betty "wants the best for Jug's education...So she's super supportive of him."

    21. Veronica and Archie are also going strong when we see them in Season 4, but Veronica will deal with breaking up with Reggie.

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    Camila said, "There's a scene in Episode 2, which is really sweet. We get to see a little bit more of Reggie's vulnerable side, and there's a beautiful Reggie story."

    22. Betty and Kevin's friendship will once again be an important bond in the series moving forward.

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    Someone from Kevin's past will also be returning!

    23. And finally, the River Vixens will make their long overdue return in Season 4, Episode 1.

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    Lili also said that it's safe to assume that Betty is no longer a River Vixen.

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